Sisters. Read. NOW. Crucial Part 2

Black Woman Crying

…and because we are being openly degraded and mocked by the most evil crew of “supporters” to have ever held our hands in “solidarity”, there’s another horrifying and continuing crime that went down with barely a whisper of announcement , even during the year since the following article came out.

When it should have been shouted from every single rooftop.

The “unexplained” kidnappings, vanishings and murders of our daughters.

Epidemic of Missing Black Girls Continues to Stump Authorities, Frustrate Parents

Unexplained means you stop answering and entertaining those “mysterious men” who croon preferences for “black girls”; the ones who stay hidden until they meet you and kill you.

Unexplained means you need to grow your grandmother’s backbone (yesterday) and snatch Mary by her fourteen year old collar before she slips out into the night..ESPECIALLY in that hooker outfit The System now “forbids” us from using the term “slut” on.


Unexplained means you turn a very angry and stern voice towards The System.

To command it to keep its foul mouth shut..until it has the decency to PRETEND that 75 thousand of our missing and murdered girls are worth them getting up off their lazy and evil asses to actually help us protect them.


photo By Laurin Rinder

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