Sisters. Read. NOW.

The poison is a green liquid in a glass vial. A deadly potion with a skull and bones on the label. Copy space for text. 3D rendering

Something Sisters need to read and share NOW.

There’s no time to bemoan the lack of education we suffer from; rendering nearly every average American incapable of deciphering the millions of their words within the pages of their hundreds of illegitimate book length individual laws.

And we most certainly don’t have time to continue wagging fingers and spitting hate at the white brothers and sisters who are being “secretly” assaulted and viciously devastated on equal and varied levels.

We’re both being pitted against one another; distracted by the enemies who remain unchecked for their attacks.

And it’s not going to slow down or miraculously vanish any time soon.

What we do have time for is to take two lousy minutes to read about the poisons CONFIRMED to be killing and destroying our sisters.
These dangers have been quietly announced within various publications,

and known ( boasted) by our enemies for years


….without a single recall action or suggestion in sight.

In a country known for issuing recalls for everything from incorrect measurements of the spaces between slats on baby cribs to SUSPECTED troubles of other products announced with alarms rung all day and night in the media…with less than a hundred deaths attributed to many of these recalls.

There won’t be a mass recall of the “jezebel” culture which has degraded our daughters since slave days; a major contributor to the sales of the immense amounts of toxic cosmetics that our children are unfortunately saturating themselves in while encouraged (by broadly smiling yet hate filled horde of corporate masters and media) to act and remain in the most degraded conditions imaginable.


There is no reason on this earth for us to continue contributing to these animalistic assaults and poisonings within this sick modern genocide.

Sober truth be told, it’s all we should need to start pushing for recalls..on our own.

If not a complete and thorough dumping of these “trojan horse” evils straight into the trash.

photo By adragan


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