“Tonk Challenge” Tips w/ “It Takes Two”


I would have a wee bit of a problem maneuvering the inside of a donut…

..even if I had the weird luck to live life as the donut hole itself.

Such is one of the quirky and awe inspiring problems I have when playing video games.

(Or giving directions. Taking directions. Walking. You know.)

Not to worry-I smile more than I sigh.

For if there’s anything that this ole lady gamer is truly inspired by, it’s a challenge or two. More than that, I truly dig any and all opportunity I may have to be of assistance in not-so-usual day to day adventures.

So, set to a personal classic dance club favorite ” It Takes Two” (which dawned in the year of my eldest child’s birth) I present a video project with a few tips for improving time in World of Warcraft’s: Darkmoon Faire’s Tonk Challenge-

Where one can get mighty frustrated trying to race at top speeds, hit bullseye targets and avoid getting blown into scrap..at the same time.


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