Don’t You DARE Climb into this “Screenome” Trickbag


Question mark and exclamation point

If I had a friend or child who was going to participate in this “Screenome” project, I would snatch them hard by their wrist, place a handcuff to that wrist and lock them up to the fridge door until they came to their ever loving senses.

Yes, it sounds nifty.

Considering the average American’s mentality, it is right up our alley as far as vanity project wastes- of- time go.

But to know it involves Stanford?..Dear lord..

One of those untouchable institutions that’s been allowed to perform heaven knows how many inhumane human experiments on our lives, with the unchallenged or punished privilege of keeping it all a secret from us- at least one not to be opened until from this stinking foul tale of thousands of hurt and misled human beings
Three Identical Strangers (2018) – IMDb –
And with them being arrogantly proud to spawn and nurture hateful intellects like Ehrlich-(the one who helped bring about our forced sterilization/gender changes and proud pusher for the reduction of cancer research and other diseases that kill older folk, amongst other nasty realities..)



To hear a friend of mine even consider going to Stanford for this project to hand over videos and photos of her personal life would be akin to hearing that she is joyfully considering hiring a rapist on parole to babysit her infant daughter.

People can do as they wish with their lives, that’s not the important point.

However, since too many people are unaware of what’s going on these days, I don’t think people would mind being  more informed on what sort of characters are sticking their greasy automaton fingers into their lives and what lack of ethics may be at play re what these videos are being and will be used for.

Just think how easy it was to “get us gotten” with the DNA collection farce.
Like goldfish in a baseball cap.

They’ve gotten enough of our lives by force, without permission, to our detriment and to their intensely bloated and snide satisfaction for well over a century. It’s about time we grew up and stopped licking the shoes of the “cool kid” before he lands another kick to our already broken snoots.

Because no one is left to help us, if one wishes to risk it on such a level as to seek and actually expect help “when things actually go wrong”-when it’s too late.

Things don’t work like that anymore. Better yet, efforts aren’t being made to keep up appearances like that anymore, since we’ve been downgraded from barely sub-human to actual dirt in their eyes and actions.
We’ve been made fools of long enough and with a long enough trail of damages and deaths besides.


Like our masters ironically hound us about every time we turn around..

“an abuser is an abuser, is an abuser…things never get better, they only get worse. So leave him and stop reaching out to him.”

photo By Oakozhan


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