Lying and Arrogant Animals at the UN
That’s one hell of a nerve, considering that the UN has usurped each and every developed country’s sovereign constitutional laws, has forced human beings into having mercury injected into three generations of human beings’ neurological pathways, has instigated fire-and-brimstone infighting by LYING about how women are “being abused” in America (of all places) when they damned well know it’s all part of the de-population horrors (stopping of our “worthless” babies being born) they set into action in 1975.

All the while with the World Health Organization and CDC operating, harrassing us and destroying us as the world’s BIGGEST criminals ever allowed to ruin lives and murder people..rivaling only their true master’s history-the Holy See and it’s centuries of travesties, slavery and murders.

Same sick game..two thousand years running strong.

Especially when not one single genocide has been stopped in over 75 years and federal judges plainly and out rightly deny protection against nor stop female mutilation in underdeveloped countries. Even when they come here for help.

Women’s lives are WORSE-despite this garbage façade of “female empowerment” where women were forced out of the home, taken from their children and now must suffer as our men are attacked, biologically feminized and boys are being sentenced to lifetime punishments for their God given masculinity.

A LOT of god damned nerve that lousy article is. As well as a cruel and disgusting joke. As if none of us has been left with two brain cells to rub together to read the countless documents, articles and books (over eighty years worth) their smarmy and sadistic biological attacks and foul media conditioning. Or as if our eyes have all fallen out by the roadside.


When their soldiers aren’t put into check for using and raping women worldwide AND they have NOTHING to say about thousands of the Holy Sees child molesters being protected….without a single one on a sex offender list.
Never mind two generations of human beings being forced into sterilization, gender changes and blatant slavery happening with cooperation of EVERY leader, billionaire and corporation.
For shame on these foul, lousy and arrogant lying animals who have literally and shamelessly placed themselves in charge of every single human being..while still expecting anyone (with their senses still left) to still heed their foul and manipulative “alarms”; which have been sounding for damned decades.
It would be better if they simply did their dirty deeds, while keeping their traps shut, without this ridiculous insulting of our intelligence and these hooligan child’s games…when they damned well know what the hell they are doing and by whose fingers they snap and hop to.

Arrogant pigs..reporting on the crimes and worldwide distress that THEY THEMSELVES have wrought.


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