For New U.N. Lackeys; From Virus to our Deaths..Across the Globe

For those who cheerlead and huff in indignation over our anger and outrage over being attacked by your Lords and Masters at the UN, I will be “happy” to include evidence from the handbook that was written that outlined ALL of the tactics and promises for our destruction and “livestock breeding” program “The Population Bomb” written in 1968.

I’ll start with the “cheery” outlook on how viruses could be of great help and will end with a little reminder that your Massas have a little “genocidal and enslavement” agenda to fill. That ignored death threat (along with your stupid threatening guide stones that still stand as the UN’s  mentally ill “hate letter” {{written in stone to boot}} to 99 percent of us) that was presented by William Cooper in “Behold a Pale Horse” from 1991. God rest his soul.

It means we’re under attack and have been; your masters were just clever enough to disable us to the point that barely any of us can or will be able to understand that this nightmare garbage is actually underway.

Unless, of course, you wish to make some snide and sarcastic comment on how a psychic or Nostradamus himself wrote the majority of this dreck fifty years ago and it’s all just a coincidence.

Heaven knows, you treat us as if we’re raw ignorant enough to buy something like that.

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A special note for those few who have pop all to do but imagine I think I fancy myself some sort of “rescuing” headcase…

I am tired of ending up screaming in the emergency room with radiation symptoms with my insides feeling like glass shards are dancing within..on top of snide or befuddled “we have no idea” s coming my way. And watching this incredible and grotesque ballooning of human beings in the poor towns I visit in three different states..

I just received my dog back home today in a box..who died with similar symptoms..

I already suffered the loss of the love and hope for most precious children of my life through the years..who are confused, besieged by depressions and nightmares constantly.

I’m not out to “rescue” anyone anymore than I wish to save my own remaining family and I am sick and horrified at watching our children get gunned down and get sicker -as the CDC and every single organization sits back snarking, patting one another on each other’s back at 10,000 dollar dinners and making plans for us as if we were god damned animals…with way too many of us bobbing our heads and making things worse by continuing to trust these lunatics.

Unless you can teach me how to chill and smile through it all without making a “silly fuss” on it, by all means=hike-you’re free to take it.


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