Do- Gooder Scum

What steams my beans even more than the committers of today’s international crimes (which more of us are now getting ogle eyed over with the stuttering “but-but”s) are the true criminals that made it possible.
The no good Do-gooders. That’s who I’m talking about.

The spoiled and ungrateful souls who start annoying people from their foot stomping youth all the way through their “all important” and snotty adulthoods.

The college brats and pseudo intellectual egoists who had nothing better to do with their lives but navel gaze out imaginary universes and worlds to dream being Gods over.

The ones who never had to lift anything heavier than a book, for that’s all their parents ever asked of their “precious babies”, to become educated and admired.
The ones who never had to weep tears of loneliness for lack of childhood birthday parties or capture ladybugs from their window screens for companionship.
The ones who never had to deal with comments on their highwater jeans or frizzy unstylish hair…except to hee haw and bray at with their jack assed pals, of course.

The ones who never had forks brought down onto the top of their hands because they scraped their teeth on the dinner fork “one too many god damned times”.
And these precious prince and high potential princesses most certainly never had the honor of getting backhanded for thinking thoughts they never thought or for anything else for that matter, come to think of it.

You know them, those high and mighty lash batting do- gooders.

The ones who have poisoned our recent years with all kinds of talk on how they MUST stand up for the minority folk, the disabled folk and others not as “privileged” to have their skin color or their brains.
That naïve and whacked out crew of ego maniacs.

When never once, ever, do they ask folks like me (who carries membership to every single “charity” they forge their esteem over) if any or all of what the experts had to say even pertained to us.

They don’t want to hear how humiliating it is to have strangers treat you with automatic pity or dumbed down words- even though you may be more intelligent or have a different upbringing than their “messiah” complexes and imaginations allow.
I’ve also been met with scorn and even anger, believe it or not, when I’ve scoffed at the notion of free handouts being nothing but the stuff of slavery and weak characters. As if they knew better than myself on what I should have thought and “how silly of me” to not realize the “plight of my people”. It doesn’t get any more arrogant than a “do-gooding” individual.

Now, they’ve taken it to even more insulting heights and are “championing the causes” for what this world’s game playing devils have termed “autistics”.

It was bad enough that they didn’t take note of when a dozen different conditions were lumped into one, before 2010. What truly adds a high kick to the jaw, is that the majority of them truly and actually and automatically grabbed the opportunity to believe that they were somehow the “normal” or “perfectly all right” folk assumed to exist against this rude proclamation of our “condition”.
When over half of them need only look at their spouse and even the mirror to see that the autistic child they shed attention -seeking and self-pitying tears over, is only a younger and exact reflection of what and who they, themselves, have always been.

I’m not saying that there hasn’t been an increase in physical difficulties and severely disturbing emotional deviations..compared to a century ago. My bitter point lies in the majority of the symptoms list that the WHO criminals announced as being signs of “illness”.
They are and have been very common and very long existing personality traits that many human beings have expressed; when not dressed in their three pieces and shelling out hundreds to disguise themselves under pounds of make-up and loads of superficiality.

If one takes an honest gander at any one of the elite in charge-every single damned one of them is “autistic’.
Except no one is going to tell them what they can do, who they can sleep with, how much they can spend, what they can eat or have every single private moment and movement scrutinized and the slavery they’ve chosen to stab the rest of us in the back with.

Ahh, but here we arrive at the meat of the matter of these do-gooders -their need and their insistence that attentions be paid to them as superior to others, better than others and as saviors for others.

They need and crave the compliments of how good they are doing and gee whiz, if an important, famous or real smart person can confirm how important they are, well then…it must be true and life is that much better, isn’t it?
As long as everyone can see how much they donated to a poor girls’ school, they’re happy. Just don’t expect them to take any time to find out the type of creeps who will be working there. And if the word gets out that it’s a badly run operation, well, it has nothing to do with them, does it? They did their part. They made sure everyone saw how nice and charitable they are, enough done.

Do- gooders are the scum of the earth to me right now. I have spent fifty years on this planet watching these people work and none of it pans out to be as they take credit and glory for.
They turn blind eyes to horrible situations when alarms should be ringing off the hooks.
They take every single word someone with celebrity, money or a wall of degrees tells them and then run with it as gospel truth. That’s why they make such wonderful suckers and vain suck-ups.
Just as long as they get those gold star goodies in the form of praise from the higher ups and applause from the simple minded “down below”.

They weep fat tears over films like “Shindlers List” and “Roots”…yet when real people cry out for help or to be listened to (under assault by their big time buddies and big name friends) they twist those pretty and polished faces into the ugliest contortions of snide rebuke and join right in with the abuse. Just like the “low classes” they hold themselves above; without reading one single legitimate article nor bothering to feel that they have to.
We get gunned down in the streets like dogs and when videos are scrubbed , telling different stories than what’s on the news, they have the nerve to not say anything…and then proceed to blame us and hound us into surrendering the only weapons we have to protect our own lives with. Without blinking an eye over the fact that their bodyguards and other “important” people will be free as bluebirds to keep and carry guns for themselves.
As if They are the “sensible” ones who will never snap or, worse yet, deserve to be protected at all costs because they are more important and their children’s blood more valuable.

They have reaped immense glory by appearing to be “for the people”…while keeping the line, fences and walls between them and “the people” as thick and cloaked as possible. They’re representatives from a deep and dark world of hypocrisy and I blame them for having allowed our killers, our wardens and abusers to overstep the lines way too many times and for much too long of a time.

Do -gooders -the ones who cackled and clapped their fine rings together, in the coliseums in ancient times, watching poor people get slaughtered.
Do-gooders-The ones who stood by tutting and whispering but never saying a word to save the poor people getting burned alive by their church, for imaginary lies that well educated people damned well knew could not be possible.
No, they are not the ones getting their hands dirty. (Ironically and sadly, it is from OUR own people where the mercenaries and assassins are gotten)
But let there be no doubt about it, it’s because of their vanity and bottomless lust for attention and “honor” that we end up silenced, forced into sub human servitude and eventually destroyed.

It’s an ancient fact that must be brought back to light and must be taught to the successive generations of young children.
If we manage to survive this bio-socio-political bottlenecking insanity at all, we must teach them about the severe dangers of spoiled, intrusive and arrogant “do-gooders”.

For these are the days where the very worst of what they could have allowed to happen, has happened and if we’re serious about creating a genuine world of peace and equality, the plague of their arrogance and hypocrisy must be eliminated from our psyche. Completely.

Now, a word on this matter from a more wise and more calm Alan Watts

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