You Mind Your Manners As Well. “sir”

I know it’s a fantasy..or a simple wish of a weary spirit.

However, after seeing yet another insulting “order” given by yet another mortal man, I can’t help but wish someone…anyone could have had the strength and faith to respond…for all of us on this Earth…
So, I turn to the only place I can say (my diary) what billions of us can not say…despite having been lied to about being “free humans worthy of dignity and rights”.

How very dare you.
How dare you have the temerity to lecture anyone on their behaviors or words that they say, less than a month of you paddy smacking away at a poor elderly woman who ended up receiving insult and shame..despite being a poor and misguided adorer of you.

How dare you have anything to say about insults when we are being insulted each and every day across this globe-with politicians and celebrities calling us “ fing morons” and “ignorant children” for the mere act of us saving our children from being crippled by the mercury your minions at the United Nations have been streamlining through our systems for decades.

A deplorable horror of a crime as you now watch entire nations force, punish and incarcerate human beings for not complying; refusing to participate in this massive rape and disabling.
Yet, you remain somber and silent within this cocoon of lunatic confidence where billions of human beings worship you as a “divine” being.

How dare you, when..
Five thousand of your “holy” servants walk this earth, having raped and defiled human beings for decades..without a single one put on a sex offender list. And under your blatant protections.
While countless numbers of our fathers, sons and brothers must suffer criminal destruction of their lives for the “crime” of having natural sexual drives..for the rest of their lives; due to an ongoing thinning of our numbers that has been legislated, manipulated and forced upon the entire that us “unworthy and despicable” poor creatures do not muddy the carpets of “your” planet with more of our kind.

Having succeeded in dropping the rate of births…
Having succeeded in changing our very genders through hormonal assaults..
Having wrought an entire race of people insane, unwell and violent due to these manipulations..
You DARE have something so insulting and so disrespectful to say to US.

As if you are actually my Master and I was actually born to be your stepped upon, ignored, humiliated and chained slave.

Only allowed to cry out to sing your praises or to mindlessly echo the “issues” we are commanded to by your minions and associates…yet beaten to death and mangled when we try to cry out from the pains you inflict to torture us across this world each day.

Exactly as it was for hundreds of years, from your evil kind, as you tortured and ripped human beings apart as if you were nothing but wild beasts running wild and unchallenged in the forests of where you have all hidden. Only this time, thinking yourselves so damned clever, you hide behind digital manipulations and spew out floods of “high educational and expert” phraseology that all of you know barely any of us were educated enough to comprehend.

Turning nations against each other.
Turning people against each other.
Tearing mothers away from their children under the guise of “female empowerment”
And openly abusing the very male human being into submission as was promised by your sickening and come true threats. dare turn to us as a ‘pandemic” is about to sweep across this land of “yours” to slice through more of our lives..which was joyfully pondered fifty years ago and is going down exactly as it was “predicted”.
As it was planned.


Every citizen of the world who had  constitutions to turn to, has had those constitutions ripped up in front of our faces…as if we are those same blithering “idiots” and uneducated humans you forced to serve you as serfs.
And I would suppose, in all of your royal smugness, you know that nothing of this degree of criminality could have happened without full cooperation and unless we had indeed been neurologically damaged, thus the unbelievably blatant ways we’ve been sacrificed to these population destroying programs-despite millions of us having shouted and demanded these crimes cease under the very rules of the laws we can read and understand and still are intact…but are ignored completely.

I know I am a nothing. I have no money and I do not constitute even a snide backwards glance from even the lowliest of the cowards you’re aligned with.
I’m not as stupid as you need us to be and neither am I able to deal, without saying something , with watching my children continue to be ignored, abused, destroyed and wickedly used only to live out their lives as literal slaves to the “people” who have your blessing to continue this shameful hell you preside over.

Unless you can produce this bill of sale where my name shows up as your miserable and obliged property, or any human being on this earth..then it would behoove you as well, Sir, to mind your own tone of chastisement, when you speak to a world of adults.

We do not appreciate your demeaning tone- and as men and women of this place that you feel is yours to do with as you wish..we demand and encourage a whole lot more respect and etiquette from you and others, than you and others have given, as well.

It will do you a bit of good as well, to keep your wagging finger pointed in the direction of those who CHOOSE to be your servant..and leave the rest of us to try to recover from our losses, our pains and ongoing assaults in better peace and quiet than your bullying and molesting associates are willing to offer us, within this lunatic nightmare .
Where no law exists for those of us who were given this earth as a blessing from our Creator…yet, with false smiles and rancid falsehoods spoken and laws forced upon us on how “we should behave”, we find ourselves imprisoned by those who murder, steal and lie each and every day.

You have no right. AT all.

For the people who could have helped us, but were cruelly murdered..
For the poor souls who have the misfortune of being misled their entire lifetime by a “religion” which still mocks the man who brought the news of our freedom and let us know all that you have spent hundreds of years suppressing; insultingly obvious from your gargoyles on the front of your “holy houses” to your jovial support of the most filthy and foul entertainment/media conglomeration ever..
For the loved ones I lost and for the countless numbers of beaten and worn down human beings in Ireland, China, Japan, Africa, South America…whose throats you’ve been stepping on with your jeweled and slippered feet, with the raw nerve to expect us to smile and thank the heavens for the privilege of suffering within…
And especially for the unfortunate ones in positions of power who truly, truly thought their participation was involving other “issues” altogether…and had no idea that this was only meant to be our “ends of days”.

My true and dear God…How dare you talk to us in that way.

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