Facts Vs. Fiction

The creatures who have recently suspended our constitution..
are now trying to stress the dangers of fictional and off the wall “conspiracy theories”.

The same creatures who support the position of a church to lead this world, as their leader rattles bones and rocks in a box declaring them to be “holy relics”.

The same church and United Nations that has been allowed to murder billions of people over the centuries for NOT believing in their “fables”….”myths”…and other spiritual “theories” that have caused oceans of bloodshed and heartache…for all countries around this world.

And the same church allowed to rape and molest children without being stopped.

Remember that.

For as much as their lack of imagination may insult us-in their violent and abusive sarcasms to force us to “heed’…their predictability, in what’s been wrought for two thousand years, can at least be of benefit to the ones who still have a chance to get themselves to safer spaces and keep clearer heads.

This..is not a conspiracy theory..it is a religiously taught fact; the obligation with which thousands have determined to murder us.

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This..is not a conspiracy theory..it is a death threat made fifty years ago by the United Nations.

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These…are not speculations, daydreams nor delusions…they are a few moments where human lives were cruelly sacrificed in the month of April. The oddest coincidences being how these events simply fell in and around the “week of”..




Yes, even the sinking of the Titanic

The coincidence that they all occurred around the “sacred” time where our deaths are to be honored and tolerated as “divine’, well…that would be a “conspiracy theory” in itself, if we were to try connecting to this fast upcoming month of April.

However..not it’s not any more farfetched nor “ludicrous” than an entire world being taken hostage, against our will and our global outcries and protests..by a group of lunatics hell bound , for 116 years, to set the world into the hands of child molesting “holy” men who rattle around bones in boxes, declaring that they are “God’s chosen”.

At the very least…it’s not a risk worth ignoring.

As all genocides and all takeovers have been accompanied by citizens having guns taken away; it behooves us to remember the repeated occurrence and tendency of our country engaging in these “talks”
…EACH and EVERY time..
..being when we are murdered in the streets…and the politicians and media trumpet their indignation and exploit the howls and heartbreak we exclaim over this horrendous habit of “unexplained violence”, to enthusiastically let us know how they will help “protect us” from “ourselves” by leaving us more vulnerable…to more killing.
Never mind the ten year “coincidences” of us being plunged in recessions on top of it all.
As I said..the predictability is as insulting as the results are foul.

Now we’re sitting ducks in our own homes, heaven only knows what the story will be this time.
Considering Amazon has dispatched workers, across this world, to take thousands of pictures of our homes over the passed year, without anyone to question this “joint casing” behavior…and considering our DNA profiles have been gathered by regions through “novelty” DNA collection databases..


(Although, it’s not particularly even a secret about our radiation poisoning-it could be as “simple” as that.

Who knows, with a giant CERN “donut” dug deep into the earth, paid for by these lying and manipulative “owners of the world”, there’s not much to be done, if it turns out to be some sort of “furnace” of eventual destruction.

See? THAT is a conspiracy theory. Not the FACTS otherwise stated around it on this page)
..all one can truly know is that it’s time to set things right within each of our lives.

My contribution, as well as the siblings I know are working tirelessly across this world, is to offer facts and support…for protection has been stripped completely away.

Be well and Bless you in the name and intent of the prophets whose words have been maligned, stolen and mangled by these unforgiveable creatures and the woefully ignorant who’ve little choice but to keep doing their bidding.

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