THE ONE Lie Which “No One” Can See..But NEEDS to be Seen.

It will more than likely be a question raised and finally pondered by future students.

We’re too busy pretending all is “okey dokes”,  pretending we’re enlightened warriors and pretending to be sophisticated intellects nodding and waxing the humps of the “cool kids”..who hate us.

It’s a simple question.

Especially for the leaders of the countries who were hurt by it, betrayed by it…who now ogle and hop to the whip cracks of the ones they adore and worship…

(it having been several months since this was first posted..these “leaders” are now under complete control per CDC commands due to “COVID” excuse)

Why on this earth, a confirmed lie, suggested by H Kissinger himself…an admitted lie told thirty years ago…an outrageous and cruel deception..which was used in the original population program strategies from the 70s..


While it currently rests on countless pages concerning everything from “the rights of the disabled” to every nook and cranny concerning “women’s rights”-which our new government The United Nations has forced upon us all…

Like a taunt-sometimes mentioned multiple times within one single subsection.

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At the end, I took the liberty of sectioning off a copy of the insertion of this lie…

Microsoft Edge 3_18_2020 4_46_58 PM

because the entire document is extremely and purposefully long winded; found at this link in its entirety


How in the world could so many leaders (as mentioned earlier, especially those lied to so long ago) stand by and blatantly , or stupidly,  look on and trust ANYTHING these criminals had to say…regarding the “world’s safety” during this virus.

Just a simple question I’m sure someone has to have an answer to before I get wiped out with the rest of the “trash”…the one and only “right”

I am going to assume I’m allowed to have, since my living in peace without being attacked has been considered off the table, before I even had the “worthless luck” of being born into a world where the decision was already made.

That’s all.

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