One Heck of a Script

Either way and whatever’s at play..
It’s turning out to be one heck of a script.
Don’t you think?

There’s either one angel nudging the other and nodding something out like
“See? I told you it would work.”
Or there’s one begrudgingly, with the slightest hint of a pout, handing
over a stack of whatever currency angels would deal in; a lost wager over a recently won bet.

There is either the beaming victor whose theories and suggestions were
frowned upon and ferociously argued against for the longest time,
amongst the eldest and most illumined guides in the field.

Or, crossed armed in the corner with furrowed brow (if arms and eyebrows were expressed at all)
there is a brilliant and completely competent angel
who is being forced to confront a depressive fact: That it
spent the span of all of our lifetimes betting on the lamest horse.

Either one of them has proven that
the setting off of the worst
and most evil of mortal ambitions actually
managed to start flushing out the long hidden and long sought after
ancient ones of an original light.

Like setting up a trap involving the
bashing in of young pups’ skulls to the eventual tune of an enraged and
terrifying mother charging in to save them.
(Without giving wise nor sober
consideration as to how more terrifying she could (will) become if (when) once all intents and actions were (are) revealed.

When they could have simply asked nicely in the first place)

Or the other one has just spent centuries, after millenniums,
arguing, betting and theorizing on how it would be impossible,
simply unthinkable, that man wouldn’t eventually end up foregoing the imbalanced
darkness of limited earthbound potential.. to love and mature into genuine magic
and supernatural enhancements.

With the angel believing, at the very least, that our
long journeys and histories of consistent miseries would have
simply and finally worn us down into it.

After looking down, with no less than a stinging embarrassment,
to witness that the uppermost examples of financial and intellectual authority
were still no more savvy, wiser nor kinder than a containment of
chest grub nibbling baboons…
Or that we could manage to lose, ruin and destroy an entire planet and abuse Its
Children…over the sake of some shiny rocks and personal attentions..
..what a heartbreak that must certainly be.

Either way and whatever’s at play..
It’s turning out to be one heck of a script.


(March 2020 ..praying we make it through what the well heeled and evil baboons will fling at us for April)

Yours, Ramsy.

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