A Teensy Hitch or One Simple Fact

Sure, many conspiracy theories can get out of hand.
To put it more exact, many lies in any category can cause great deals of harm.

As a matter of fact, the lies and conspiracy theories pumped out over the course of two thousand years, under hideous Judeo-Christian dominance, have been the main bringers of death and misery to mankind.

All over this world.

Billions of Africans, Indians, Australians, Asians, Irish, Native Americans and any other tribes have been raped, raped of their lands, slaughtered, manhandled, forced from the language of their lands and made to bow and die off under their lies.

Countless groups of people have been irreparably torn apart and purposefully turned against one another under their lies-the beleaguered poor white man against the black slave, man against woman (now woman against man), child against parent, immigrant verses native and so on.

What a wonderful and dandy world we would live in if all of those lies had never been told.
And heaven knows I can understand those who would believe that supporting censorship and a full crackdown on current alleged “conspiracy” theories would “be the best” for “polite society” at large.

However, there’s just a teensy little hitch to that particular fable…

The fact that the same institutions that have trudged over , marched upon and murdered billions of us..are the same and only institutions who are now seeking to not only continue running roughshod over us but are in the process of clamping that sweaty, iron and stinking hand over the mouths of billions of us…..the progeny of those billions who were massacred and had the “privelege” of working themselves to their deaths under..in the name of the “sons, the fathers and ghosts” of the United Nations, the Church, Scientific academia, Media and every wretched secret society hiding underneath those rocks that they cuddle up to one another under.

Especially under this moronic , however , tragically blatant death threat of a rock.

We were given promises that we could live free under our countries’ constitutions.

As human beings whose bodies, at the very least, were under no obligation to and safe from harm from other raw and human and mortal men.
And now it’s been brought into the clear and cold dawn that yet another promise has been pissed away. The exact one that none of us could have afforded to lose.

I simply want to tap an unimpressive little note into this bottle of mine, before I toss it out there amongst the countless digital others…for the future students who will peruse “ancient” internet citizens’ early words.

Most will be intrigued by how simple we must have been to be led so easily into our enslavement and murders, with all evidences pointing to something having gone horrifically awry with the average mental functions and chemistry of the human brain.

No matter how hard they dare bring these unlawful and Stone Age actions against us and no matter how far they dare whittle us down to this bottleneck, on the steam of their wretched and evil perversions…no amount of scrubbing, erasing or forced metallic injections will nor can eradicate the high volume of and deeply set , bloodstained evidence and records of their hypocrisies: of hundreds playing Master and Executioner over billions of human souls..
As THE main perpetrators of THE most devastating and life destroying lies, fables and their own conspiracy theories …without bothering to put themselves into check or without placing the concern for human life above that of the concerns of their blind and head bobbing egos and wallets; kept fat by “allies”

So, as they continue gathering our DNA, ( like grubby faced trolls scooping up childrens feet to fill their distended bellies with) for purposes ‘unknown’..until we start dying off in “weirdly” specific and regional sections..

Remember these facts

1- events foretold successfully are not conspiracy theories..they are bare facts come to pass. Especially when authors have been detailing them for over a hundred years.

2- even a lie..which brings no pain, death, illness or does no damage what-so-ever to anyone..is not the “property” of any human being to “lord” over.

Freedom of individual thought and speech without punishment was the main and fundamental law of all constitutions..that we’ve been forced into fighting for again.

3-(most importantly, in the most positive of light) we have been “handed” the ultimate gift. We are all now heading into the critical stage of a painful and long labor..for a very long awaited birth.

This guaranteed gift is of eventual and final freedom from centralized rule, rule by “divine authority” and rule by primitive minded criminals over groups of people.

After our upcoming internments in camps, after our attacks, after our deaths and after the worst calamity to hit this planet’s children at the same time has passed.

After the very worst of their tantrums have dwindled and there’s sweet relief from the noise of their abuses and insults..

They have left such a trail and have left such deep bruising,  upon the psyche of each nation, (of destruction wrought by trusting them and allowing them their way)…that it would be like a raped and beaten victim hobbling up to the assailant, to return to him the keys to her house..if and when we survive it all..if we willingly allow these animals to climb on top of us again.


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