One Stress from the “Playing Dumb”

Because countless family households will be tense across this planet.
And because a good portion of it will involve the clashing of loyalties involving a great many of us who still carry trust in the United Nations/CDC.
There is a need to defuse potential triggers that lead to these disruptions within our homes.
For those who roll eyes, tutt and grin about the “paranoid” lack of trust the rest of us “suffer” from.

There is a small example why.
Because for all of the “we don’t know”s, “we couldn’t know”s and all other shoulder shrugs coming our way, from those in the role of overseeing our “health” and the lives they nonchalantly just informed will be taken from us..
It is nothing but an insult to hear such reactions, see the supposed “lapses in action” and “lack of preparedness” from such an institution… when the evidence of their dedication, depth and durations of their SPECIFIC studies, attentions and strategies (shared below) obviously offer a completely different story.

It’s something to post, to share or simply tape to some index cards to refer to …just for the sake of more peaceful households and the salvaging of already strained bonds of friendship.

We need one another’s understanding and support more than ever before; to hand over whatever is left, to those who are adding sarcastic “confusions” on top of insult, should be an unthinkable thing.

So that, at the very least, those who do the insult of rolling those loose eyeballs in sarcasm and pity over our “ignorance”…can be given material to help them better understand their loved ones (or what should have been their loved ones) and their concerns with respect and kindness…..not additional anger, mockery and animosity.


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