I am Reminded of the True Heroes

I am reminded…
While I watch generals and official looking officials flock up on a stage of more than ten people, not six feet apart…
And when I watch either a really gullible, ignorant or young stable of ‘world’ class reporters shout questions and click cameras…in a mass of more than ten people, certainly not six feet apart…
And when I shake my head wondering how many of our citizens will live in terror over what will “get us” over the upcoming Passover; not because of the virus but because thousands have been watching our deaths occur in groups for Aprils on end-like dark and twisted clockwork.
And especially, as the bile stirs in my gut, upon hearing that juvenile and mocking soundtrack of what sounds like “CSGO” battle music in the background of the “dramatic” updates on one of the two red/blue “news” outlets.

I am moved and I am proud to think on the leaders, the governors, the mayors and ministers who are resisting and fighting in earnest for their citizens across this world.
The ones who are man and woman enough to not let grinning slicksters discourage them through “mild” verbal abuses of their “ignorance” and “risk taking”.

Because human life and the vows they took to protect that human life under the laws of justice and republicanism actually mean something.

It is a time where severely undereducated and unworthy bully “leaders” have been put in charge of rounding us up. Because their masters have exploited and now have elevated their stations in life. The ones who are yelling at us and pounding fists into hands and telling us “You WILL obey!” without reason nor abilities to comprehend other than what “massa” demands.

While the horrid truth of it all is that they themselves are detested, made fun of and cruelly manipulated..bribed and sweet talked into the horror of destroying “their own” before their guaranteed stabs in the backs.




This is an age where tens of thousands of us have long known and watched “conspiracy theories” unfold in front of our eyes as “coincidental” realities.
This is also an age where now three generations -whom the system itself groomed to spit in the face of our own parents and family’s authorities-coexist. Never mind snide and overtly hostile “authority” that refuses to speak to millions of grown adults in decent tones. Even if they were to  pretend our tax money enabled them the privilege to do so; a forced obligation (paying of taxes) which they had the temerity to justify our deaths upon, because if we’re “too stupid to resist it” then “we’re too stupid to stay alive”.


I’m sharing some of what many of these strong and stressed men and women already know and by the grace of the true heaven, weren’t tempted to betray their citizens over, nor their own consciences.

It’s for these people, who are fighting the United nations worldwide, for whom I pray and for whom countless numbers of us support and depend on right now. Those unheard and unknown to the general public at large, who can look past their own delusions, wallets and vanity…and are still able to process information that’s been out there since before I was born.
The ones who understand,  and take seriously , that those who fulfilled these “prophesied wishes” (below) from 50 years ago,
things which weren’t true in the least at the time of planning…are the very same ones who prefaced these wishes by announcing and boasting of our eventual “genocide” (which means mass murder) and “enslavement” (which means mass killing of human spirits while they stay alive)



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