Sanctuary within an Old Movie

Enjoy yourself.

Squeeze in an old movie. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

I dropped all of my watching of modern shows and movies months ago. Without starting a new ramble on how hard it was in this light or how easy in another, I will admit a significant drop in general feelings of unease, annoyance and plain agitated and raw nerves.

It’s been like a long deserved vacation; or rather a return home to the media I consumed happily in my youth.

I want to share this early 60s film “Wives and Lovers” ( although personal preferences =1930s-1940’s), with a few notes thrown in below.

On audience appeal, it has a little something for nearly everyone.

For the modern “women’s rights champion”, there’s a quick peek into a world where the “abused and suffocated American housfrau, in need of rescue from her bonds of slavery” shows up nowhere in the film.

For the chemically saturated soul, (chained to his or her “behavioral” medications since tender childhood years) one can witness the representation of a child engaging in specific and odd eating habits..without it being seen as some sort of “psychological disaster” warranting a label of “mental illness” and immediate and urgently prescribed meds.

With saying this, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that a few subtle hints were being washed in or hints dropped throughout most of the media and film world, in order to mold society “properly”.

For this was made within two decades after the first generational round of vaccinations and forty years after the United Nations pretty much started running things-a bit more behind the scenes than now.

We’ve got hints and suggestions (in many more films of the time, not just this one) of the working mom household, the burgeoning messages of “glamorous” and illicit affairs interrupting marriages and other “lovely” things like children talking back to their parents. And as mentioned, the “odd picky eating” habits that we “autistics” are rumored to be toting around, in many a knapsack of “symptoms”.

It will probably be the old media/film industry student of the future, who will be able to best sum up and diagram the social conditioning and damages done within our century.

We may not “make it”, with our intended natures practically stripped clean and most certainly legislated into “proper order”, but there should be no lack of confidence in the abilities of future media students to successfully track and uncover “what went so terribly wrong”-with the oceans of film available, reflecting each generation’s society and with comparing the obvious artistic patterns.

It’s still a good watch, this movie.

There aren’t any naked human beings, grunting and grooving like breeding animals in front of the world and their children, up on the big screen. That’s nice.

No one is bent over and convulsing out their finest and most expressive vomiting  scene.

That qualifies as super nice.

And even though there has always been propaganda in the field of drama (what it was invented and orchestrated to be in the first place) one can still find, from those days and years before, generous room to happily wander where their imagination and solid scripting can take them.

Without this constant ushering in of and obnoxious attentions called to political “hot issue” subjects all day, every day and every commercial break- for the sake of the laziest and most cartoonish “social conditioning” that these recent decades have ever forced us to be insulted and malnourished under.

Like I mentioned, hopefully, more folks (in particular, the youngest upcoming) can find a little bit of sanctuary and sanity to snuggle up to, in these older films.


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