One Question..or Two

I have one question.
If we have had our Constitution suspended..the laws we were required to obey and live under, which were “sneakily” dismantled over the years, through executive orders agreed to by “bi-partisan” comradery…
And if our rights have all been taken away, which were in the body of law known as our Constitution..
And we are now being arrested and punished without being told under what official authority and collection of laws we are being forced into slavery under..
When will we be officially told that the United Nations is our new and open ruler?
If we get an official explanation at all.

Or (anything’s possible I have to assume) are we simply going to continue pretending that we’re a nation of free folks and continue teaching our children this gigantic lie?
While they undergo hypothetical and/or personal future humiliations like illegal strip searches, get torn away from their families, are told whom they are and are not allowed to mate with via DNA and insurance guidelines, have their genders reassigned at birth and wait to die miserable deaths after working for …

(not home ownership, nor cars, no spouses and no family security)

..but forced to live as lab rats for the world of scientific advancement , to do the “dirty housework” sort of jobs so they don’t have to dirty their precious hands and as consumers hooked on worthless and empty toys and entertainment..
As my grandchildren glare at me and my generation (glare hard my darlings, for we deserve it) for “not stopping” this long, drawn out catastrophe…will I be given the lousy “favor” of telling them, at the very least, the TIME we were sold off or is that just another “tough tits” sort of buggery we’re not allowed to know?

Is it simply that the laws in the Constitution, which punish us and favor our leaders, are now the only laws we’re allowed to exist under?
Or is the Constitution completely gone and we’ve been slingshot back into the Dark Ages, divine and lifetime rule per United Nations monarchy and serfdom for every human being?
That’s all I want to know.

P.S. if anyone does get an answer, we might as well try sneaking in a few more questions while we’re at it, like..
Are we allowed to request to be allowed to live without being poisoned by injections being forced into our systems? At any time?
Are we allowed to ask that our biological systems stop being tampered with through hormones, forced sterilization and radiation? Some time in the future?
Are we allowed to request that the masters of the universe simply take over a majority  portion of the world, where only they live, to experiment on and work for a living amongst only their own flattering kind…thus allowing the rest of us “insects” and “trash” to run our own lives (even into the ground -since they take no breaths between telling us how useless we are), without their self-appointed, disrespectful, hateful and abusive presence? Is that a plausible ray of hope for consideration? In a hundred years? Any time?

Is there a written lease or document somewhere that contains any such loophole?

Can we petition for our freedoms? Eventually?

Because a few of us can’t see the sense in being kept around, if a master hates us SOO much and finds SOO much wrong with us; common sense would say that if you owned every bit of land, water and air anyway…there’s no logical reason AT ALL to force yourself into lives you’re not welcome nor wanted.. needing to kill us and seize control of our lives on top of it all.

Like some manic, psycho and jealous boyfriend kind of scenario.

On some “If I can’t have you, YOU can’t even have you.” sort of lunacy.

I was born and bred within an abusive childhood, so this nightmare is not finding me as panicked and “lost” as more people are ending up becoming.
Former children like myself, former group home “ressies”, juvenile delinquents, state wards, orphans, abused children and all around “bad seeds”..I don’t see a lot of us getting bent out of severe shape with the unfortunate results of this game.

It’s ratty old shoe.

When we sneered at the cheerleader and class president types (with their fresh faced, owl eyed and plastic “smiles”) about how screwed up people truly can be in this world, we weren’t trying to be “negative” or apathetically abrasive for “attentions”.
As anyone with at least one eye can now see, it was gospel truth.
It’s through individual good will (with nothing but sincerity) and individual resolve to infect others with true care and respect , with actions to follow (with nothing but sincerity)..where the miracle of “freedom and peace’ for a “civilized” nation is found.
Not with  general and generic mere mortal man and the fakery that falls out of his imperfect face.

I, and others, would probably manage to get a few days on better feet, if a few murky areas were cleared up.
So that I , and others, can travel the rest of my journey on as peaceful and as comfortable of terms as can be, by having a choice in our direction or mode of travel.

That’s all.

And “Gee whiz, Wally” maybe us getting these questions answered and requests considered may even lead to us being a better breed of slave overall. Who knows.

Personally, if I was lumbered with billions of slaves who hated my guts, taught their kids to hate my guts and threw me crusty looks and spit at the ground each time they laid eyes on me….my goodness gracious,

That would guarantee the sort of miserable drudgery that can cause a couple of decades to feel like a couple of drawn out centuries. Especially for everyone in the “working machine middle” of teachers, medical workers, bookkeepers, emergency workers, soldiers and the rest of us charged with keeping society running and some level of “comfort”..with them consistently seen and treated as “bad guys”.
Call me naïve but I thought, with so many mechanical business minds churning out this nightmare, that there’d be a smidgeon bit more common sense involved.

Well, unless we’re meant to all die and be done with it. At least we can drop hope altogether and still squeeze out a good time or two along the way.

Now…THAT’s all I, and a few curious others, would like to know.

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