Earned Income Tax Credit’s Origin Story

It’s not all “boo- hoos”.. concerning the massive amount of falsehood we’ve been living under.

I’m certain that the future holds great promise for us to finally get this ship on course to that “new and better world” which we’ve been holding our breath waiting for.
There should be a lot of delight and eagerness over the prospect of our future re-education. The relearning of nearly every single thing we are and have been conditioned to accept.

From teachers with higher opinions of themselves than they should , to students who’ll welcome this future sweeping away of stale cobwebs with relief and open arms.
From celebrities who keep their collapsed nostril nose jobs high in the air, aping the opinions of “intellectuals” and world “leaders”, to the defeated factory worker who will finally catch a break during this leveling of the field (which he was nearly beaten to death upon) after learning that those who knew “better than him” were not better after all.
There’ll be hundreds of upended “facts” and hundreds of changes to keep us busy for decades to come, I’m sure.

What may shock many of us is that most of these “corrected facts” all share one single origin story, concerning one single issue. This issue being the lowering of our population and numbers of babies we’ve dared to “infect” the earth with.

Yes, I can hear the “experts” now. With that played out response to any truth that catches our attentions.
Squawk!…it’s a conspiracy theory
Don’t be a fool, don’t listen..it’s a conspiracy theory…squawwwk!
One tedious generation of “leaders” after another.
Never offering proof of why they are “always right” and we’re “always wrong”.
Never offering solutions to the dire troubles which “pop out of nowhere”.
It’s just that infernal squawking, like parrots, about those confounded “conspiracy theories”.

I decided to pull out one small example. About the earned income credit scheme.

Tax experts discuss and debate around it and we “little folks” hardly mind to question when an extra buck comes our way for basically doing nothing for it.

I read a couple of articles on the reasons why and how it started. It’s not the most thrilling subject on record, so I won’t share any links on the matter. There’s plenty of articles easily found all around.
What’s not found easily, if at all, is THE truth of when it was proposed and why.
From my favorite ‘go- to’, concerning the lowering of our population and the many laws spawned after its publication , “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich. The relevant subject is outlined in yellow.

It was published in 1969, fifty years ago. So it shouldn’t be a shock that most of us, including experts , aren’t familiar with it. Three different generations of students have come and gone since that time.
What should have shocked us, (or would have, if things had been kept on a more up n up basis) were the many suggestions and strategies written of in that book, that made their way into our society.

It’s an enlightening bit of truth, this business about the earned income tax credit. At beneficial least, it can help clear up confusions and questions that even tax experts have run into over the years.

When something has been written in black and white, stands as a legitimate record, with world class brains and influence on record as having eagerly discussed it, supported it, and  it “just happened” to become law a few years later, intact to this day…
Oh, it’s a conspiracy all right. We were conspired against in a grand project to reduce our breeding at all costs and by all means necessary.
It’s just anything but a theory..it’s pure fact.

Only a true birdbrain (sarcastic, vile and unscrupulous) would have the nerve to keep insisting on it as being “idiotic” or “fanciful” theorizing; the type of  creature we’d all be much better off ignoring, by tossing it a couple of crackers and waiting for the blessed day it finally falls off its perch.

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