Thank You, Christiane Cegavske. It Looks Exquisite.

Cute white mouse on red background . Mouse is symbol of the new year 2020 in the Chinese calendar. New year and Christmas concept.

Although I don’t know her personally, I feel a bond with and immense admiration for the artist Christiane Cegavske.
I’ve been in the background awaiting her next production, since her first one made its poignant impression on me fourteen years ago.
I just saw the trailer for her upcoming work and my chest filled with pride.
Immense pride.

It’s my privilege to share her trailers- from her independent 2006 film, “Blood Tea And Red String” and the next one set to arrive, “Seed in The Sand”.

What an intense delight it’s been to watch her continue on her journey, to bring us another unique and fetching gift. Still on her feet.

A woman who managed to emerge from the darkest forests of a youth, where too many end up being lured into, trapped and lost within..forever.

May her story and her work have the opportunity to serve as a solid example of working for one self to create beauty, instead of being cruelly exploited to create the ugliest things creators and keepers of said forests.

(Goodness knows, in these current times, there are plenty of young children who will need this sort of inspiration and the confidence that can follow.)
And may she continue to stand and manage to share with us (whenever she can and as she wishes) for a long time to come.

Photo By arsenypopel

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