The Conception Vs. Birth of Facebook

Regret is a devastating thing to be plagued by.


We live in a time where formerly young ‘geniuses’ believe that many current troubles were spawned by their own doing-no matter the degrees of innocent intention.

No matter the mass benefits and generous rewards.

The following link presents an article that covers multiple examples of common regrets shared by yesterday’s “wunderkinds” from the social tech industry.

Sometimes, bad things unfold along the way that can leave too many of our treasured talents to mature into believing that they “ruined” lives, even though the enrichment of society on the whole had truly been their main motivation.

In the case of adolescents, it’s an all too common tendency, to fall prey to and carry this guilt, if things end up going sideways or upside down.

It’s what makes young people such attractive and eternal targets for old ne’er-do-wells with mountains of cash and zero scruples.

What I’ve decided to present is a recorded breakdown, regarding the conception of old ideas intimately related to this shared regret.
Although these men were apparently seen as the ones who birthed the various social platforms – now interwoven into every minute of a global citizen’s everyday life-it would be nothing short of a mercy , for at least one (if his expression of regret were genuinely felt as well as expressed) of those manipulated, to better understand the truer truth of how he was used and for what “reasons”.

Not that anything can be done. Not anymore.

And not because the evidence will, or even can, be considered little more than “wild conjecture” by the lay majority.

It can, however, serve as a gracious and much needed “pass” for a human being’s peace of mind ..that will otherwise bring him intense discomfort and sit heavy on his shoulders until the day he dies a regret filled old man.
The following is evidence sketching the conception of  Facebook, Twitter and all the rest.

It’s a breakdown of the mountain of tasks which needed to be set up and continued; with the understanding that technology’s advance would one day allow for the processing of this information at a much higher speed and finer tuned (thickly disguised) organization.
All that needed happening is what ended up happening-the harvesting of talent from bright, unsuspecting youth who trusted the wolves. Wolves too lazy to bring their insulting and lunatic dreams to fruition on their own steam, yet rich enough to dump phenomenal amounts of cash and prestige into the hands of their youngest and brightest house slaves.

Wolves who remained smug in their “superiority”, exploited the erosive qualities of Time and who have handed their batons over to  “newer masters”-currently burdened by their own warped sense of history and intellectual deterioration; in many ways, easily and eventually disposed of as victims and tools in this god awful mess. Until they too are long forgotten by the Alpha generation and dead under the weight of guilt that wasn’t theirs to suffer in the first place.
From the 1990 book “Beyond a Pale Horse” by William Cooper , excerpted from the alleged 1969 “conference” where promises and threats were made ..which we now accept in our lives our lives.

With a small hope that at least one man ,may one day, be unburdened by understanding the truth..and to allow for some of us to cease scratching our heads every time something “funky” goes down with term changes or overstepping legislation online…

Now, at least, we can rest “easier” knowing that “these pesky modern problems” were set into place long before most of us could even dream of such things as home computers, never mind before most of us were born.

The first two pages (not that important) is what I chose for a quick summary before the successive pages (starting towards bottom of the second page)- where you’ll see the main hints to the ‘framework’ suggested above.


top photo by beeboys

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