Just Saying

A beautiful African American woman with a misplaced face mask
Once again, just in case an argument can be stopped or a foolish fight needs to be avoided, I’m sharing additional source material.
I’m fairly certain that debates and tempers are brewing hot concerning this heinous usurpation of the world by the United Nations under such severe and nasty deception.

This modern-day enslavement which includes the forcing of our faces to be covered.

Regardless, forcing us into slavery is exactly what they’re doing and the first installment of our future “uniforms” are masks.

I know, I know..there’s an “ocean” of us out who would indignantly reject any portion of that statement.
As for the rest of us..who plan to survive this real-time religious nightmare of an assault (maybe defend against obvious mockeries and overreaches of authority along the way)..
They’ve already shown us what they have done to the collective levels of our IQs throughout the decades.

The average Americans are barely understanding the “unknowns” in their lives as it is. Never mind the information that they need.

As with everything they have ever told or done to us, the lies will get sloppier yet more wild. And as we’ve been suffering through and experiencing, our abilities to reason around them is fast diminishing.

The following is a reminder of the loyalties we’re being forced to abide by and were openly sold out to.


The following is a reminder of how women are truly regarded- by those whose openly humiliated and disabled slaves we’ve become.

And this is a reminder about how “two plus two” always ends up in the same wretched neighborhood of “four”…


Treating us deliberately like brain dead morons, they haven’t put that much effort into “hiding” their actions from us.
However, they don’t have the nerve to step up to announce the “start” of their open reign neither.
This means that most of us will either blindly stumble or be herded into forced lifestyle changes that need answers before we can start learning how to accept them.

As far as the masks go, with men wearing them at this time as well..

Look, all it’s going to take is for the CDC to saturate their brothers’ and sisters’ media “walls” with some “astounding” or “alarming” “discovery” of how..
While the world welcomes the news of decreasing cases of CV19 , scientists at Bla-bla-Hoopty-Doo university have discovered that it now seems to only infect women between the ages of 16 and late 70s. While we still urge caution for the males, we kindly insist that women continue to maintain doing the responsible thing and keep wearing the masks”
Ta Da. Typical United Nations horsesh-t.

Wait for us to simmer in our vaccinations a couple decades longer, we’ll see.

They’ll have a society that forgot why we started wearing masks at all and accepting whatever additional dreck doctrine the Church ends up brainwashing us with.
With the highest probability of each and every governor, physician, mayor and corporation complying. Bobbing their heads in agreement; before turning on us to crack Massa’s whip ‘cross our disobeying hides for not wearing them.

Just saying.
The clues are there.
It would be nice if we didn’t have to suffer the whining outrage over it, by those who finally “get it” late in the game, if and when it goes down like that…when we could have stopped this lunacy a long time ago.

You know and I know, the very same folks who goosestep to the  defense of their CDC , (while abusing those of us trying to protect our children from being force fed mercury and hormones)..will be the same ones who will get the most hysterical.
They’ll be running around in the fashion of those idiot hero movie stars from the 80’s, so sure they can  “do something to save America!!”… after the gates are locked.
At a time when they would do better to keep their mouths shut (for once) so that they may learn how to survive in the prison that they helped to build for everybody.
Without squawking and clawing desperately at others who spent decades simply learning how to stay calm by the time this horror unfolded for us.

photo By Javier

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