Bright Pretty Lights Man and the Bee Gees

There are (or can be) a few funny things to ponder, in the middle of this whole tragic gender manipulation thing that was done to us.
Within that whole game of “god” that our masters played, rearranging the world’s views on sex and the actual sexes themselves. Up to and cruelly including sterilizing billions of us worldwide.
While they were finessing each female generation closer into accepting the effeminate male as a legitimate sex symbol turn-on for young girls on their way to becoming adult females.
A strategy that was turned up full steam from the late 70-s throughout the 80’s.

Despite the obvious harm done to us via hormones and heaven knows what else, one would have to admit that the ‘mere’ brainwashing part, from the Media’s end, did involve a lot of good music and highly interesting characters over the years.

It was a heck of a lot more fun than the insect sterilization model that was discussed.

IMG_4804Though I’d say, with what they’ve blatantly done and are allowed to continue, they still provided disruptions that easily equal and exceed the damages that a straight forward introduction of sterile males would have done.

(A few tidbits from 1969’s “Population Bomb”  when our adult backstabbers were crafting our own breeding extermination program and eagerly looking forward to mass manipulations of our genders, our sex lives, our sanity and all the “delights” a mass poisoning of sterilizing hormones can provide.)

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One funny thing, to me? gruesome as their gall has been..
This can finally explain the existence of the Bee Gees.
NO, they didn’t have that whole bouncy dip and sway thing that Boy George had going on.
But I will say the following..
If their falsetto voiced “dynamite” wasn’t one of various “tools” purposefully used to condition us girls, through our music,  as far away from our natural desires for masculine males as they could get us..

then surely it provided tons of gut busting kicks for the hot shots to watch and listen to.
Hot shots who probably laughed their hunchbacks clean off scoping out the progress and colorful characters that media supplied. With thrills zipping through their nipples, whenever they looked in the face of a three or six year old, secretly delighting in the part they had in destroying its future.

Still and either way, as I said, it doesn’t have to be all boo-hoos and teardrops.
Not when
you could be dancing to the “Bee Gee”s instead-the sort of little break one can take, away from thinking on damages already done and the lunatics still in charge.
What the heck, right?



I don’t own the video clip, but I have nicknamed the character “Bright Pretty Lights Man”.
I won’t explain why I chose that name.
You should know why I named him thusly.
But if you don’t know or don’t understand why I named him “Bright Pretty Lights Man”
Well then, you need to know that..
The Universe adores you anyway.

Take care and thanks for peeking in.

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