Eternally Loved but Never Victorious

Silhouette of a young mother lovingly kissing her little child o

I will share a lecture by Alan Watts that can serve as a reminder re: our current and global transitioning.

Nature..WILL win.
Not in the hands of those who pretend to have her best interests in mind.
She doesn’t need their “help”.

Whether they like it or not, can’t quite place their finger on the reality of it or not..

She is the One who created the breath with which they choose to spoil with lies and the gnarled little paws which they work their childish schemes with .

She is the One who will remind them of this ways they can’t defend against, understand nor stop.

And fairly soon.

Because wicked children aren’t allowed ultimate rewards for attacking their siblings. Fellow siblings (no matter their “station” in life or “value” given) who are and have been her most precious children.

Siblings entitled to freedom  ….just like they’ve been entitled to but refuse to allow for others.

Siblings born as masters over their own bodies…just as they claim for themselves but have refused to allow for others.

Siblings who weren’t meant to suffer through an overabundance of misery and needless intrusions; a mercy which they take full advantage of , as they themselves remain hidden and owl eyed in the darkness, like the cowards they choose to be.

Siblings She breathed the essence of life into, as part of the pact that only true mothers can provide children she truly loves and means to do well by.

Just as (hating to admit it as I am-for I’m merely a hard headed child myself) they have and always will be loved, as well.

It doesn’t work that way.
They are loved and were allowed the same free will..

(although used for hoarding worthless treasures and destroying all life around them..just to repeat the same cycles of self taking it out on those “weaker” and happier than them. For nothing )

..but they will not win.


photo By areebarbar

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