One Weird Copyrights Infringement

SURELY….there’s GOT to be one heckuva copyrights infringement sort of matter for us to look into…
If we have had our genders manipulated and our intelligence purposefully altered.
I hate admitting this, but it’s a thought that recently hit me and made me chuckle some actual and non bitter laughs out loud.

I mean this with an exclaimed “Dude!” directed to the jokers of my generation who won’t grow up.
And a “Bro!” To the generation not allowed to grow up….with a melancholy and slight smile.

Let’s say that (in a hypothetical deal) all the top secret biological study information at top universities decided to take pity on us peasants and walked itself into our possession.
I’m sure we’d have a compilation of documents that would basically point in the direction of all of our functions/parts having been studied and subjected to (at the very least) being changed (if not also controlled) at the hands of “inventors” who don’t own the patent to alleged “invention”.

It was a little mental doo- dad that I wanted to share and one that gave me a little laugh.

If that sounds insensitive, Hey…

if there was a more bitter, affected or hurt individual than myself , if these things were true..I haven’t met that person. Yet.
One can bet all that they own..and then some..I’ve shed some pretty heavy tears, over the top of a deeply aching heart ..simply thinking on the whole horrific scenario.
And it took me half of my adult life to even consider it anywhere near the realm of possibilities.
Not from the science institution that I admired and prayed (as a little girl) to have a chance to study “when I grew up”.
Not that world of intellectual guys who made me beam with pride , as a teenager, because I was SO sure that they’d be the ones to finally free us from the last dark remnants of religious ignorance.
(That was important to me at 15. Go figure.)

They were going to bring me snazzy toys and cure not so snazzy diseases forever more.

My kind of guys” I often thought as a young adult when I’d snicker away one conspiracy theory after the next, “There’s no way on, no, no…No way, Jose. Not them”

Seriously, though…there is still room for a little humor in it all.
It’s a damned devastating idea, of course, but still…
If we couldn’t laugh about serious matters in our lives, we all know what “they” say about how much crying would be done.
Thanks for reading.

As a gift, I’m sending along a movie suggestion.

It’s a true story-a documentary on how a set of triplets discovered one another after growing up apart from each other.

And then they found out an even bigger surprise later.

A heartbreaking and life changing surprise.

It’s also the film that includes mention of top secret research papers at Stanford which the public isn’t allowed to see until 2065.

Which should be….let’s see..around the time we’re all dead.
So…hope you find time for the film.
And maybe a little forgiveness for the earlier expression of amusement…if it didn’t sound too bad.
Be well.

original photo By Drobot Dean

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