All That’s Left

man who found exit

There’s no need to “expose” them, call them out.
None of that.
They know exactly who they are and if they don’t, then they are more stupid than they’re proud pretending to be.

When you meet them in the streets, waste no smiles and keep things as business as they need to be.
And be happy that you are freer from them than they ever intended you to be.

Be relieved that you’re no longer obligated to applaud the poorly written scripts on shows that did nothing but mock us. Demean us. Insult us.
Let them continue thinking the average American is a complete wastrel, according to the tens of thousands they chose to focus on for their “studies”.

If they’re half as smart as they think, they realize that millions of us were too polite and found it a childish waste of time to complain about those garbage shows and movies.
They’ve already proven, dozens of times, that they’ll finance and keep on any show they want even if most people find it revolting and stupid.
The biggest kick, I have to suppose, is the one they get from manufacturing scenarios and events “convincing” us that it was US who “wanted” them.

With average to substandard directors constantly receiving highest honor awards and homely performers receiving “sex symbol” status one after the ugly other?
Come on now.
Three generations grew up not buying that half nickel’s worth of horse shit in the first place.

We just didn’t have any choice when ONE entity controls the ENTIRE industry.

Let them laugh and snort disgust over how “gullible” we are and how we glom onto the things they produce.
It’s like a mangy jackal falling over in pants wetting laughter over the chickens having no choice but to eat the seeds he distributes or for sleeping in the wet hay that he provides-also the only place they can roost.

That’s a child, you’re dealing with.
An idiot.
Remember that. And keep the Faith.
That they’ll grow up one day.

That they will crash head on into a rice paper wall of common sense.

Common sense that suggests if they actually start acting like decent and humane creatures, for once, they may finally receive all of those good and “magical” goodies that no amount of money can nor ever will buy.
When they stop stomping every culture different from them into the ground.
When they stop raping every culture that they happen to sidewind up to.
When they stop being miserable, casting judgement, wrecking lives and sitting on their numb and freeloading asses to actually earn their own money through their own labors without this backwards and backwoods notion of “natural superiority” .

When they decide to grow up and get on the same page as the majority of this world.
Keep the faith for that. The universe won’t stand this type of abuse and delinquency another two thousand years.

No one knows the time, but by the look of their open aired “unmasking” and transparent hysteria….I’d be surprised if they hung on intact for another hundred.

Then, keep on walking by them. So that they may begin to start living in the world that they desire so very badly-one where we are silent and have no say.
Naturally, us choosing to ignore their work, dismiss their truths as lies and acknowledge their influences upon our children’s’ lives as being no more significant (nor wanted) than the scum on the soles of our shoes…
I can’t think of any other better ways to start.

They have decades of plans which they have put into place, they pass laws without our say, we’ve “vanished” from their radar for a while now, anyway.
All that’s left is for us to do is walk out and close the door of their “importance” behind us.

photo By Dzianis Kazlouski

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