Sustainable Development is About What?

business man shrug

What’s that? Sustainable development is about saving the planet?


So that the big bad Earth won’t buckle under my big fat carbon footprint ?

Or so the sky doesn’t start to tremble as I reach for an additional sheet of bathroom tissue?

Aw shucks man, I thought it was only about how to make some loads more cash without screwing things up more than they already were, man.

I’m sorry.

I thought the human race would have applied as being one of those “biological systems”.

I didn’t know that letting us get radiated to the gills on a daily basis, sterilizing us from having babies and forcing us into massive states of mental illnesses were acceptable states for any biological systems to be trapped in.

So, I naturally determined the “sustainable” thing was just about making money.

My bad.



Microsoft Edge 8_23_2020 4_00_27 PMMicrosoft Edge 8_23_2020 4_02_44 PM

photo By Jose Gil


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