Truer Seeds of the “me-too” Thing

rotten fruit and seeds of Mahogany.

No, the seeds of the “Me-Too Movement” didn’t sprout from some heart tugging and adorable button nosed origins.

It sprouted from the UN gathering of all nations to stop the females of the world from producing babies.
Sorry. Truth hurts, I know.

You take a few sterilizations, add a few one child family laws and a good ole dash of twisting gullible young girl heads into being afraid of and openly abusive towards healthy sexual males (except for their gay husbands of course) …
And Voila!
You get the “Me Too Movement” and many other mind screwing num-nums from the good ole United Nations to stop too many of us dirty livestock from infecting their precious Earth.
It’s all about the population numbers.
Always has been.


featured photo By Meiying

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