Eyes Cream Scoop


Yes indeedy, I sure do..
I love experimenting with a bunch of word play type goofery once in a while.
This particular photo resulted from playing around with the “ice cream” and “eyes cream” connection.

It’s a bit goofy, I know, but it’s not as if there haven’t been a ton of other dorkist enthusiasts.
Like the ones presented in the following 20 year old video lecture.

While the worst our odd creative attempts may cough up are a few forced laughs or looks of curious pity, it’s during a time where we’re currently being forced to suffer ongoing and criminal miseries.. courtesy of their own lame word playing productions.

Keeping in mind that this video is twenty years old.. one shouldn’t have too much difficulty spotting the “predictions” which concerned the directions where Media was dragging and manipulating us towards.

Or the open mockery. You can’t miss that neither. At all.




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