Worn With and On the Mask


In a world where the UN is bare-nuts-free to express their childish satanic preferences ,

I can at least express what I need to, in defense of who I am and what I’m being forced to do.
I wear this message with my mask and also on it.

I do not wish my progeny to believe that I complied with this horrendous act willingly and thoughtlessly. Or that I was that painfully stupid as to believe that airborne viruses hit the brakes when they bump into “mask free” zones.
And I certainly don’t need them to think that I trusted any words that came out of the UN’s face -when obvious word for word lies are visible on their sites each and every day.


Especially with the raw gut nuttery which they openly practice this privilege with. 


Their filthy “hidden” insults, executed by their high priced hookers throughout the media (song and film) industry for decades on end…

Concerning who we were, what we would become and what multiple horrific plans they would execute to make sure we turned out the ways they needed..


That was from when we were children. When we clearly had no choices.



However, as an adult, I refuse to be seen as a voiceless slave-as some of my great-great-grandmothers had been; my mask now a flimsy version of their shackles.
As an adult, I insist on standing by what I taught my children, about how I felt concerning the millions of young men who died screaming in all of the UN’s global and filthy depopulating wars.

The fact that I feel we owe these young men (at the VERY least) the common courage to try demanding back what they believed they sacrificed their lives for.

For OUR future.
And if I’m too much of a wimp to do that, I can at least put up an objection against whatever I’m powerless to change otherwise.
Because the UN is a foreign entity and an enemy that put its declaration of war against us in writing.
Many times, in many ways over the course of 100 years.
The foremost way being through a population reduction program which led to our women being driven insane, children disabled and our men mentally damaged in all departments of logic and reasoning.

If they can have the brass cannonballs to pretend our “Constitution” is still intact, then I am allowed the lead pellets to pretend that that whole “aiding and assisting the enemy” thing still applies.
It’s called treason.
I refuse to be considered nor slandered as being guilty of “treason”…. despite all of the senators, governors, doctors, mayors, medical clinics, restaurant establishments and other entities on this earth who obviously do not care…by my being seen as “not saying anything.”
Because I have been, as millions of us have been..across this entire world.

If this message produces nothing else, then it will serve as crystal clear proof that we were forced –
That it wasn’t a case of being “too stupid” to figure out “facts”.
Or by being too “dazzled and taken in” by fat headed celebrities and sneery faced “experts”.
Or that I was ignorant and arrogant enough to think I was “safe” by being in any one of the five “new majority” groups currently being led by wet and naïve noses straight to extinction, humiliation and THE worst betrayal of their lives….powered by their delusional, selfish, self-centered and sick cheerleading approval.
As their UN “buddies” continue to hold their hands and grin those ugly stained smiles their way, marching towards this “better world” they’ve been suckered into buying.

No. I may not have much choice in all else, but I do still have a choice in how I am seen
in the midst of us being mocked and treated this badly on this massive of a scale.

While I am bullied into permanently wearing a stone aged face covering, I should specify that it is much less of a travesty than (but in the exact same category as) the women who are being forced to suffer bearing the babies of those who have  raped them ..per the commands and laws of the exact same UN who has bullied and strong-armed our “leaders” and all establishments into betraying us.

from 1969 population reduction strategy talks; “best case” scenarios


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