A Day to Grow Old For


elderly old woman with walking stick stand waiting on footpath sidewalk crossing the street alone. concept senior across the street to zebra crosswalk.
Yes, “that” day is what I want to see.
The day any one of “Them” is in front of the cameras.

Sweat beads forming along the hairline and/or excessive stammering going on.

Not that fake “pretending that I’m nervous” cartoon fakery, but the real stuff.

Where even the liar has that “Dear Lord what the hell did I just say??” look on his face.
Although that  “screw-all-of-you-peasants” smirk (as always) will still be beaming and fixed into place.

The day that “one certain” lie crosses a certain line.
A lie that will probably be witnessed by billions of potential viewers.

In my more creative corners of the imagination, I imagine it to be a network hot shot , laying down a gross exaggeration of what people are watching for entertainment.

When no one but Nobody and their nobody neighbor are watching whatever “popular” show the networks insist that they “voted for”.
They are the sort of confident snobs where…

-if only ten people out of five million folks watched a certain show, they would probably go right on promoting it, scheduling TV talk appearances for it and it would probably “win” an award or two on top of it all…
As long as it was a necessary propaganda tool , either “confirming” the drudgery of having children, the criminality or clumsiness of a healthy straight male or the creating of a “gay-minority-female dominated-men enslaved and demeaned” utopia where no one gets to have sex with an opposite gendered partner without some ongoing hassle.

In a hypothetical example, it would be like a cook holding up a plate of mud drenched and worm-infested spinach omelets and announcing to the crowd that this was the dish which they voted on as their favorite meal.
Throughout the crowd you’d hear murmurs, along the line of…
Oh, dear LORD, I sure as hell didn’t vote THAT as my favorite? Did YOU…?”
“Hell no, what do you take me for? A Billy goat? No one eats that slop. And they know it.

In a real-life example, I’ll take a time from my early adolescent years.

When the world’s citizens were buzzing that Julia Roberts was indeed a very pretty, if not “sizzling hot”, Hollywood mama.

As for me and my teen associates, we simply tossed befuddled looks amongst ourselves wondering things like…
“Uh, DUDE?..is this a gag? This announcement of her being a top ten?”
“Yup. I dunno, man, if you ask me, she looks like Eric in drag.”
And I do seem to recall that sentiment was often repeated…throughout the years.

Not only with her, but with other celebrities and famous faces.

At 52 I’m still trying to crack the “attraction” mysteries of F.D.R, John F Kennedy and Clinton-if any one of those faces popped out at someone in a dark alley, I don’t exactly suspect that purring and flirtatious giggling would be the first noises out of someone’s face.

At best, as far as I can tell after fifty years surrounded by them, they have misrepresented and lied just about everything. Media.
If it’s not a lie, then it’s a horrible truth they don’t mind broadcasting from sun rise to set. If it frightens us. Angers us. Elevates our blood pressure or brings them a stiff kick once in a while.
They twist truths or “recalculate angles’’ on even piddly stuff.

As I suspected could have been the case concerning this 2017 report on re: declining viewership and potential reasons for it.

IF the truer reasons for the decline were that we were fed up paying for movies that serve up garbage, we wouldn’t get that admission.
If the obscenities and/or parental abuse flooding from pre-teen characters was an issue, or if the juvenile idiocy being served did nothing for adult tastes (certainly not forty bucks worth) or if the whole propaganda stuffed industry, complete with constant vomit flowing, was forcing us away by the droves, due to weariness, disgust, anger, any thing…we would hear about none of it.
We’d still be getting the same story of how “technology” and the “internet” were “taking over” from where old tech left off.

They wouldn’t bother thinking about how things of quality or greatly desired things are rarely, if ever, dropped by the public at large.
Nor would they give it a thought as to whether we had opinions and preferences in such ways, enough to create high enough spikes or low enough dips to pay attentions to. On our own steam and our own feelings.
They are now convinced that the vast majority of us only live life as they’ve fashioned it and only choose things because we’re “told to” by them-via harassing ads, foot tapping tunes and such.
Like lab rats reacting to series of bells and buzzers.

Yes, THAT’S the day I wish to see as a humble and very old lady…when my tall and my manly great grand-sons look at them square in the eyes, to smirk back.
To announce a little something about Enough being Enough.
That we won’t be needing their “services” anymore.

You know, those “services” which depicted groups of us in the worst lights, mocked us and our traditions, mocked our roots and constantly kept nasty and negative bees in our ears about what “losers” we were…what futures we’d never see…or whoever’s lives we’d “ruin”.

The day when OUR great grandchildren inform them that society had already moved on with our steady and greatly changed entertainment choices, without Media’s influences. Better yet, without them knowing anything about it at all.
Without its Poison. Propaganda. Misdirection. Degradation.
Without it poking its nose where it never belonged, while existing as a United Nations bringer of psycho-social terror and ruination, aimed directly at the young.
A basic UN “step and fetcher” ; sacrificing quality and careers to scheme, plot and arrange all images of our lives …solely to satiate rich bullies’ commands to change the entire world’s habits of having sex , thus producing babies.  Getting rid of us.

Cooking up the lamest “homophobic society” alarms in efforts to cover the horrendous and evil changing of our biology..our genders.

The day when it will be clear that the only thing they are accomplishing or “getting away with” anymore is as being the most historically humiliated jack asses in existence- self funding their own projects, with the public eye filled with pity  over their “genius” manipulations laying deflated, transparent  and obviously worth less than trash.
It’s not a bad fantasy, but I’d rather it was more along the lines of a more sincere desire for an even better day.

This particular one concerning not a Media based theme, but rather a scene where….anyone one of them…is standing up there, unable to move and barely able to speak…
Because he or she had been that cruel or that ignorant to have surrendered our lives to the CDC and caused these sorts of human rights assaults and humiliations to continue.





For the tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of human beings who had begged him or her for help…who pleaded with him or her to stand up to the United Nations and wrest control back of our own people’s lives, to keep their children safe from another major attack…but chose not to.

The day that we may witness at least one of “Them” forced to face an entire world to issue an apology…for openly and forcefully shoving us….like 14th century tyrants.. into these UN//CDC///WHO thugs’ custody.
A day which, I’m sure, will have a better chance of coming true, although it would be much more painful….just like most long and difficult labors can be, right before the births of long awaited miracles.

photo By methaphum

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