You Can Still Keep Your Mask

men and women cuffed hands together
If you wish to keep protecting yourself by wearing a mask…
THIS IS NOT IN JEOPARDY…when we speak of not wearing masks for ourselves.

You can cuss us out; though as adults, you should be ashamed for doing so.
You can call us absolute morons.

If we can survive snide, sloppy and washed out celebrities publicly calling us “f-ing morons”…for refusing to allow injections of mercury into our children’s systems

..on top of being slandered by the CDC as a “number one danger to public health”, we share a certain level of immunity from the effects of that sort of foul abuse.

What you can not call us is “wrong”.

-Wrong for not wishing to trust a group of liars..who openly parade a confirmed LIE from thirty years ago as an “altruistic” truth for these times, on a hefty number of UN WHO and CDC documents.

-Wrong for refusing to comply with a group of abusers whose sole responsibility was our “improved and good” health, but instead dragged us from being in ace health (their own admissions per WHO conference in the 90s-discussing the centralization of global healthcare) into this  increasing national health care hell of skyrocketing obesity, diabetes, mental illnesses, violence, AIDS and addictions.
Done all and only in the course of “killing us off”. Or in their own words, for “genocide or enslavement” purposes.

-Wrong for fighting against forced compliance which translates into treason, against my country and the people in it, because of the “aiding and abetting”  a foreign enemy that is known for having declared war against us; by “acknowledging them as the leaders we chose”…when we had no choice in anything of the sort.

I do not know these people, yet they are the threat makers and threat keepers who have been (or inherited the obligation of being) allowed to tell me and an entire planet what to do.

The following taken from



Groups of “people” who  have been allowed to experiment on us, ruin our lives and steal decisions made about our personal and biological lives.
Billionaire bullies and high brow academics who hide behind the skirts of each and every minority group they have “secretly” despised for decades. In elaborate ( often with  in -your- face insult) play-acting to appear as if they were generous and righteous sorts of creatures while we simply “deteriorate” and “get driven sterile and insane” on our own powers and without “known causes”.

List of Bilderberg/UN assoc. entities-


Maybe they plan on blowing us all up with that white CERN donut they’ve buried deep beneath the earth… a paranoid mongrel of a dog would bury its bone…who knows. I certainly don’t.
That sort of “end of days” gum fubbery is not what concerns me .

What concerns me, is that my neighbors are killing themselves because they were forced out of business.
What concerns me, is that the CDC will not let up from bragging about how they stopped our birth rates.
What concerns me, is that we are stuck in some maniacal “debate” over “right” sides and “left”…without realizing what is in front of our faces, dead and center.

A FOREIGN ENEMY THAT OVERTOOK OUR LAWS, BODIES AND OUR CHILDREN….with it being WRITTEN IN BLACK and WHITE….about how illegal this is, yet we are still listening to these politicians spout their “CYA” campaigns on “protecting Constitutional Rights” and fighting like confused and weird little animals over some LOUSY MASKS.


We are trusting cowardly politicians who are turning blind eyes to our extermination and fighting one another over an issue that truly is NOT that “murky” at all.

You want to keep wearing your mask? Go right ahead.
I was wearing one months ago myself.
Especially after reading just how much they’ve been researching specific groups and types of viruses and our DNA-snuggled up cozy within a “in case there’s an outbreak” theme.
Although they did a “shrug of the dum dums” when telling us how “unprepared” they were about any viruses, months ago.


With all of the secrecy and the biological abuses, how deep it runs in Media and throughout all’s about as much of a waste of time for me to expect “leaders” to suddenly decide to help us , as it is for any of us to be stupid enough to believe the UN considers us much more than filthy patches of bacteria.

In the meantime….these masks need to go.

With state reps proclaiming their “protect the Constitutional rights” yim-yam for campaigning season, their efforts should focus on actually salvaging what remains of our lives by addressing and standing up to the obviously criminal trespasses upon our Constitution.

If the only concern one may have, over the lifting of such a law, is the potential threat to their health…all I can say is that one will be free (as we all should have been) to continue doing what one feels is best for protection and security. For him or her self-not the rest of the world besides.


All we ask is for  is whatever little freedom can exist, to not be hurt and killed any more than we’re damned to endure anyway.
Keep your masks. You can do this easily, without forcing the rest of us into a complete surrender or upending of all of our laws and civil rights as free and natural human beings.
The rest of us need our lives to be given or taken back.


For individuals and corporations to force us into wearing these masks, per “CDC RULE”  is to participate in committing treason against this country and her people- when one understands the “complete UN family” of corporations that have existed, in large and priority part, to assist and help along our deaths, our sicknesses and preventions of our births.

It is as wrong as it gets and many of them know this..or else they have no business handling a career which requires basic comprehension and logic skills.

Not to mention the most important responsibility -of preventing the enemy which leaves us devastated, ruined, unhappy and dead in far greater numbers than the conflicting/insultingly shifting numbers re: “pandemic tragedies”.

NOTE; I attended an online “town hall” meeting held by a state representative who has made some consistent noises about being on the “people’s side” and trying to get rid of the “masking” and small business eradications going on. 

It was nothing but a clumsy and transparent pick-n-choose “question answering session” that focused on the planks of his campaigning platform. Oh, and  assurances re: ease and accessibility of voting. 

If you are young or desperate to hear that someone is finally going to “help” your time and ignore these “leaders”.

There is quite enough disappointment and heartbreak going on as it is without allowing additional hollow “hope raising” noises to distract you. 



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