Just Another Gargoyle: Clive

Oh, he’s loved, for sure.

Admired, worshipped and held up high on Mt Olympus.

This music mogul who made a bunch of young folks dreams come true by making them stars.

By bringing them wealth beyond their young dreams.

By grooming them to unknowingly spread the plague of filth and abusive brainwashing amongst billions of young people.

For over sixty years.

Sure, he’s loved.

But not by me.

He’s nothing but a gargoyle, to me.

One around the ledge of an ancient cathedral of trickery and hate that’s been infecting us and tearing us apart for a long, long time.

As a little girl, he was made out to be some sort of “wizard” in the music industry. Hit after hit, triumph after triumph, parading one fresh face after the other; many who would remain faithful and groomed well for the rest of their adult lives.

Spreading the plague of filth and abusive brainwashing amongst billions of young people.

For over sixty years.

In heartbreaking lyrics about “needing room” and “relationships only bringing pain”

Or in the “free sex for all”, making sex a hobby (one of the main population program strategies) kind of “come on baby give it to me, give it good” lyrics , mostly crooned by my brown sisters.

(You know…in the spirit of that “jezebel” humiliating stereotypical fashion, which our Massas still keep cranking out there…and still grin those crap eating grins over ,as our society falls further apart and they continue coloring “my” image, my sisters and daughters as undereducated but hot pantsed whores.)

As a young adult, there’s no artist of his that I didn’t groove to, dance to or make lifelong memories to.

As was intended and all experts knew and counted upon..anyway.

What I wasn’t aware of

(due to my dumb “animal” naivete or because normal folk have better things to concern themselves with, other than to comb thousands of pages of words to look out for sabotage)

is that nearly 90 percent of the entire collection of words to those songs are saturated and infected with nothing but lyrics that express the hopelessness of committed couples..

the cheating heart of males..

the “strangulation” of relationships..

the rude and cold nature of males..

the sadness and depression of women bemoaning their “loss of freedom”..

and every type of rude and “sneaky” put down of males that can be slipped into music.

One can make a drinking game out of this disgustingly obvious and long recorded pattern…and get good and stinking drunk…it is so damned true.

It is (a good study of the words to these songs) absolutely undeniable as partial  evidence of “their” crimes against us; conditioning and bombarding of the rotting and erosion of all things which kept men and women together…to complement their sick and unfortunately successful (thus far) diminishing of our births..and willingness to be with one another.

Yup. He’s a god. To the richest and most hideous plastic faces around.

But it’s high time our young get to know a truer truth of this foul corruptor and the others in complete control. The other out of place (severely out of place) massas who stick around so long…not for support or to prove they can “boogie”…but to make sure their machine stays in place.

Our young need to learn these truths so that they can better know whom to avoid and release whatever trust they hold, that places them in long lasting danger of severe misdirection.

By people who neither deserve the talent of their youth nor should continue to be trusted…when they have hated us all along the way.

Playing us as fools and tricking us as pie-eyed and idiot children, willing to degrade ourselves and do whatever Massa wanted us to do…as long as he “loved” us or clapped his withered paws in applause for us.

No matter whether thousands of hearts are broken knowing this, or not, it doesn’t compare in any way to the billions who now suffer under the open executions of their “finishing” moves against an entire world they have been whittling down to their goal of 500 million by 2025.

Or a billion, according to official documents telling “positive” fairy tales about “sustainability” and a “better world”.

Either way, it’s time that (even those celebrities) eyes opened, even if it hurts.. because the music industry is hardly the only place, these gargoyles sank their filthy talons into. Nor is it the only place that this much evidence exists.

The following are just a few samples from 60 years of jive “trickery” and conditioning.

I’ve already invested years in collecting lyrics and finding what I did-same as anyone with even below average reading skills can easily find for him or her self. What I included (in no particular order) is but a couple of drops from their ocean of “sly” entrapments and poisonings.

Nothing has to be “exposed” and nothing is “hidden”. It’s all out there, as proud and bright as can be; in every top ten list recorded and on the jackets of nearly all the albums ever produced..the producers, writers and corporations, bragging of their successes, while hiding “right in front of our faces”. In an amount of documents that are IMPOSSIBLE to “scrub” or wash away…

BIG mistake..but a perfect blessing for us.

And our future.

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