A Shadow Banned “Thank You” Letter to Media

I CAN understand how major corporations can shadow ban tens of millions of once free peoples. Concerning alleged “safety” and alleged “instigation”. Although it IS a crime according to the Constitution they are pretending to “uphold”.

However, the very process lends itself to serve as hefty and irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing, when banning obviously irrelevant material.

It’s exact proof this world will use for indictment against them.
THE moment we have a sensible and humane politician who isn’t a coward.
THE moment we find an influential judge who isn’t rotted sick throughout his or her ethics.

Be it this time or in the future.

It’s a cowardly way.

Sneakily allowing the poster to think their words are published but no one able to see them.

Legitimate infractions need no such juvenile games. And I’m sincerely saddened and enraged that our adult children are being used as the punishers and enforcers.

I wrote an acidic “thank you letter” to Media in general, as part of a creative project and vent for legitimate redress.

It is no more “inappropriate” than the vile slime of public abuses, levied against males, allowed to flow free.


Within decades of lies. Framing years of manipulation. And all else this promise to murder us via media chose to highlight.

I will repost the banned letter here.

If only for another single individual who was forced to exist in this world as a defenseless child hated and beaten for the “crime” of being worth nothing ..and reminded of (or haunted by… Potato, potah-to.) these “facts” ceaselessly.

NOTE: I left out a section to this song.

Immediate Update-LOL.

Well, now this “contagion of sly censorship” has prevented my sending of this link even from within my own Yahoo mail.

How very “slick” of them indeed.

Gee whiz. Prevented from informing my total following of two people..nice.



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