I Think You Know Where You Can Stick Your Promise of Immortality

It’s hard to miss these ridiculous expressions of enthusiasm over “immortality”.



As if.

As if any of them would want to, or could, tolerate any portion of us living with them, in what they’ve clearly indicated is “their” world and their world alone to run. To control. To push buttons and dissect apart. To click and whir, mix and measure, tick and tock into states of perfection…where absolute misery is the only reward awaiting the dutiful heartbeats who dedicate their lifetimes laboring away, on their way…to nothing.

For nothing.

Even though noises of “preserving nature” or “convening with extraterrestrial and higher intelligences” have been coming out of their faces forever.

Even though they’ve been trundling towards the notion of longer lives, replaceable limbs, improved health, faster communication and so on. If anything, especially in the current world where they’re “secretly” ending our lives with radiation and allowing hormonal, intellectual and social damage to rage across the face of Earth, they’ve made it all too clear that these benefits are only benefits meant for the bloated and mentally ill billionaires who fist their leashes tight.

To me, a life of immortality -if one were to suspend certain proofs and pretend that they were sincere in these enthusiasms for the “common man”-carries but one single metaphoric comparison.

In a life of misery, enslavement and torture, where we represent an innocent young woman and they are a severely abusive, bitter and old man.

In a life which was started with us (the commoners) meeting him (the grand and charming stranger) falling into immediate love and handing over much too much of our eager trusts.

Although, to be fair to the wounded and weary older spouse that we’ve become, he did appear on the scene with so many promises and proclaimed vows of loyalty that it would take an awfully cold-hearted observer to not understand why we did.

As things stand now, he has this once young woman in nothing but the typical state of an abused wife.

He demands that she hand over her money for his inspection and unchallenged interference. She may not spend a dime without him knowing about it and if she buys what he finds unhealthy, unwise and/or distasteful he intervenes to either take away her money and/or freezes her accounts.

He offers no affection nor nurturing, but neither is she allowed to try seeking love in the arms of another, not allowed to reach out towards another and god forbid she spreads her legs for another..he will publicly humiliate her and spend days on end lecturing her on what a “fool” she is and what an animal she is for wanting to grab a little tenderness to warm her cold days and/or derive the merest comfort from any babies she may birth from these all too brief encounters..

Because she is His and His alone to do with, as far as he’s concerned. Her goals are to be his goals and if she lacks the talent and/or interests related to his obsessions, he executes his right to punish and exterminate her as he sees fit.

He offers no compliments, only complaints. He offers no smiles, only grim sets of his lips as he spends all of his focus upon anything-but-her needs. Her wants. Her health and happiness. For those things are nothing but trite and worthless concerns, compared to the ever-constant poring over of volumes of text and churning of his hollow hearted intensities.

Because he’s dead set on getting to..

Determined to his last breath to improve on..

And nothing will get in the way of his singular and mirthless concentration upon…

Absolutely Nothing at all..when you get down to it.

For there awaits no “higher intelligences” that would risk allowing such a heartless and destructive type anywhere near their advanced colonies.

For there is no use for “better or faster communications” when one is muzzled or slapped hard across the face for saying what she wants and expressing the truth as she understands it from her experiences and inner passions.

Day in and day out. Every month of every year of her “life”.

What’s the use for better eyesight, longer lasting limbs and medicine to keep one going, when all color has been stripped from the scene and the roads have been all closed off permanently?

In a world where it’s simply not possible nor sane to expect each open slot to be filled with every single individual who “does the right thing” and “studies only what is necessary”- when heaven knows that millions upon millions of us have indeed tried..and heaven knows we ended up on the trash pile regardless.

With no homes to own, no cars, no savings, no vices to titillate nor opportunity to seek and secure divine enrichment and/or absolution..

With no sexual satisfaction, no warm embraces, no chances to seek out that which inspires our delights, with constant punishments for us if we dare try ignoring that which repulse or dissatisfy…

As he continues to grin and ramble on about the brightness of a future that he hasn’t bothered to produce any evidence of in all of the wearisome decades she’s been under his control..

As he continues to charm the masses with his mechanical and intellectual “machismo”, masses who know nothing of the distressed and beaten wife that he keeps chained and hidden away at home..

It’s nothing but a cruel and ugly thing..as they continue to announce and declare this so-called “immortality” on its supposed way.

For the life they’ve created and forced us to be enslaved within isn’t worth a damn-made all the worse by their current open shows of hostile indifference and, as mentioned before, blatant wiping away of our lives.

As it often goes, and as abused children and spouses understand…

It would be a far more merciful favor to announce the promise of an instant atomic annihilation of us all..than to continue repeating this threat of so-called “impending immortality”.

Then again, if their intention for “mercy” or “favor” had ever existed at all in the first places… this world and all of her societies’ children wouldn’t be in the ‘apocalyptic’ fix that we’re currently stuck in.

Without help nor voice, while those who “promised to care for and protect us” stand over us, murder us and poison us, laughing as they are.

And always have been.

photo By kieferpix

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