I Think You Know Where You Can Stick Your Promise of Immortality

Ramsy's Joint

It’s hard to miss these ridiculous expressions of enthusiasm over “immortality”.



As if.

As if any of them would want to, or could, tolerate any portion of us living with them, in what they’ve clearly indicated is “their” world and their world alone to run. To control. To push buttons and dissect apart. To click and whir, mix and measure, tick and tock into states of perfection…where absolute misery is the only reward awaiting the dutiful heartbeats who dedicate their lifetimes laboring away, on their way…to nothing.

For nothing.

Even though noises of “preserving nature” or “convening with extraterrestrial and higher intelligences” have been coming out of their faces forever.

Even though they’ve been trundling towards the notion of longer lives, replaceable limbs, improved health, faster communication and so on. If anything, especially in the current world where they’re “secretly” ending our lives with radiation and allowing hormonal…

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