Comforting Vision

Repost of “Comforting Vision”

Ramsy's Joint


And. Just. Like..that.
Her beautiful eyes flew open. The fever just barely noticeable in the sweetest pink of her cheeks.
“I saw it.” She whispered so gently that I almost didn’t hear her, with so much suddenness that I jumped a little in my seat by her bed.
“Nana, what?” I grabbed her hand, even though it pained me to monitor how thin it was getting over the days.
“I saw it…”

Yes, yes I did.

They will all be gone.
Very and beautifully long gone.
Where the obligations of their perverted

imaginations will finally be at rest.
Where the man with bloodied blades for fingers and the dolls made to kill, will be tucked in our heads.
Oh, my darling, they will.

I lowered my face to kiss the top of her hand.
Resting my cheek on the sheet beside her, I smiled.
“Tell me more, Nana.” I…

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