The Simplified and OBVIOUS Lie

Per request…because I have a habit of going on and on in my “blind rage” and incessant ramblings (smile)….

I am posting the grouping of words that Kissinger commanded be told to “cover tracks” regarding an active depopulation program that was happening in LDCs in the 70s

It’s the exact same LIE which has been cleaned up and boldly presented as “something real special and noble” for these times. Plus, it’s stuffed into every batch of modern documents from the UN, WHO and the CDC re: women’s rights, disabled individual rights, bla and bla rights and so forth.

Bless their peaked and evil little heads, eh? With such big words and such heartfelt seriousness over our care and rights. Kind of brings a sniffle or two, don’t it?

That didn’t take pages upon pages, did it?

Thanks for your patience.

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