It’s Time to Start Training

I made this video a while ago.

I thank you for giving it a peek and forgiving the “newbish” ness of my best intentions at the time.

It was useful to more people than I anticipated.

However, at the heart of very real matters in these very real times of trouble, there can be no doubt that there is a certain “break in times of emergency” box that most of us, world wide, NEED to at least look in the direction of.


If you own no companies, no tricked out extra (pff) Summer homes or live in a cracker box under a bridge, with no significant positions or important roles to play in this world…

Now is the exact time you need to summon the courage to understand the surprise which waits for all of us….that YOU are key in the most important times of change that mankind has ever recorded in history.

If we do this in the right ways and hold a sincere wish to bring the sufferings, which the combined forces that constitute the United Nations has wrought on our lives for over two thousand nightmare filled years, to a final and long enduring end…

We need to start training.

And I most certainly mean in many more aspects than a little ole phone app.

Although it IS quite a pleasant and fun way to start.

TTYL. Ramsy

original featured photo By photoagents

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