Certainly Seek in CERN

As a sort of post script intended for a far flung future of history sleuths, I would add an item of nagging interest.

CERN. That white technological “donut” which mega elite billionaires birthed into (buried deep, deep under our Earth’s crust) existence decades ago.

My post is inspired by several (well meaning) friends who’ve asked me to help them understand where I believe our “targeted” radiation could possibly be coming from. Aside from the traditional conspiracy standards of satellites and towers.

I’ve decided to try doing this by clarifying two former concerns of mine.

The fact that I discovered that CERN has a department which specializes in “vaccine delivery” prompted me to wonder what other non space-“God Particle” finding-or atom smashing activities could be afoot.

It’s a musing which took another walk in my imagination the day I was sitting in my doctors office, with a salty sponged stick stuck in my mouth per the CDC requiring patients to undergo “drug testing” in hundreds of clinics in our country…right before the “COVID” outbreak.

For whatever reason, CERN’s inner guts came to mind.

And the fact that CERN went out of its way to present a “countdown timer” to announce the days left until they would host an “open house tour” of its mysterious facilities to the public, for the first time..ever.

Months before the outbreak.

Neither incident is exactly something that would open investigations or cause serious and educated authorities to look at the place twice.

As far as everyone is concerned…well, we just got hit by another “mystery illness” out of the blue…where we’ve been shown no evidence nor explanation for, and never will.

However…for a future audience, as I suggested…it may be a whole different donut in the dozen altogether.

Just in case that wretched ring is still in play and we are still being held biologically hostage, socially and neurologically brutalized.

Or worse yet, forgotten yet still buried..I would definitely encourage a hard and unhindered seek and stroll in that place. For I truly doubt another “open house” or similar “laying bare” will occur at any time, for us poor shmoes, in these God forsaken and truly insane times.

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