One Day The Truth Will Out Itself..More Than It Already Is

One day, as the old and more elegant used to say, “The truth will out itself.”

And it will not be because They failed to cover their tracks and do all that was humanly (and inhumanely) possible to remain hidden to any and all future discovery.

(Going, now, as far as to dump us into the modern crematoriums as soon as possible, without allowing our loved ones to bury our radiation soaked bodies..even though they carry the sagging stones to bury their own in full view and with open public honors)


It will be because countless numbers of us will have left behind safely secured lockets of hair and nail clippings for the future to analyze and confirm against the testimonies left by those of us forced to be killed in such miserable and unchallenged public deaths.

Those of us who cried out for help; if not for the worthless carcasses of our own selves..then most certainly for the mercy of and for our children…but received laughter, celebrity mocking of our “unproven hair brained paranoias” and a media system that churned on as smoothly and finely as ever.

And the truth will out itself because they could never and have never been able to resist laughing at and expressing “secret” delight in mocking us each step of each way.

Whether it’s in the form of the most ridiculous call to action in our lamentable existence…

Or within more subtle and not so easily seen references, ..with the young at even less of an advantage to figure what certain things may mean…

(As a brief explanation, this is a recent advert illustration on a game site where I have never, in over 14 years, ever seen a black character depicted on any front running banners..let alone a black female character sporting braids. Specifically associated with the barber/beauty shop theme).

For those who would notice that I refer to two different issues, I would assure them that I was well aware of that.

I would also state that, in matters of the longest running and deepest engrained rot of hatred, when people wish to completely obliterate the most hated and despised elements of their society…rarely do they ever stop at merely one or a few methods to bring it about.

Especially after they’ve invested centuries of dedication.

I will conclude this post by adding links to articles that do confirm that the truth is already out there to be seen.

Very clearly. Today…

….That we are being murdered on the grandest scale that our people have ever endured-including billions of all creeds, colors and both sexes.

After decades of chemical lobotomies, forced sterilizations and utter crippling of every thing else in our communities and families.

Alongside our disabled siblings, our homosexual siblings and every single group They are going overboard to demonstrate “big doings” about…but have hated with long running and increased passions.

Slowly. Under thick layers of “support” and “concern”, with an entire world of goody two shoes, ass nibbling celebrities and confused future victims refusing to see the very, oh so very obvious clues.

Through many different ways.

With our permissions, aped support and abusive mob assaults lobbed against victims themselves who are trying to speak the truth…not the lies which every single major corporation and highest ranking religious and political leader are conspired to hide behind. Again.

The scale on which we, as black women alone, are dying and suffering from these announced and proven toxic beauty astonishing.

Both by the scale, scope and by the silence these major corporations are choosing to maintain in favor of hawking a “BLM” mockery…for us the alleged “stupid sheeple” to bleat over and feel “touched” or even “honored” by..

While we keep getting murdered.

In ways, by the numbers and with a freedom which would have greatly impressed even the legion of forebears whom had Hitler at Their beck and call.

It’s all there…that is, if the minions don’t blatantly wipe the messages away, as they have been bold enough to actually do.

Just yesterday, when I tried posting on the “hair discrimination campaign petition” and the millions of us dying from the hair product Tweet dissolved straight into an “error”. Of course.

Our online media Massas who allow every degradation and filth to flow free..but bring the nightstick across our kneecaps if the hint of a true demand for “help” is uttered.

Personally, with the reoccurring proctitis having sent me to the emergency rooms twice (pre COVID sham{e}), after suffering from excruciating pain both times, with curt doctors expressing “not knowing exactly what’s going on” or with ambulance techs-barely hiding their disgust or annoyance while roughly dragging my obese body into the vehicles bound for the hospitals with no answers…

I’ve prepared myself to not call for an ambulance a single damned and humiliating time more if this happens again. A background thought I’m forced to think of (and find ways to ignore) each and every day per the discomfort.

I will hope that I get through yet another day to relative and eventual comfort or pray that I drop off as quickly as possible if that day comes.

I wish that for every single human being whom They are being allowed to murder today.


And whatever days, months and years we have until Their satisfaction is complete.

When the mockery may die down.

And when the pain can stop..which no one of importance applied urgent action towards to stop. Despite those horrid and loudly proclaimed lies of a horrid and insidious ‘concerned otherwise’.

(Especially from the ethnic female minority celebrities if they understand what it is that they have been actively assisting in, with an immunity wrapped up tight in some mentally ill “ends and means” justification.

Which, if that’s the case, makes them even more despicable and evil than the masters who keep their coffers fat and privileges intact…

..for the mere bargain price of their silence and years of loyalty)

I do keep holding onto a much stronger faith that I may make it through after all….to see the day that this truth finally does come out.

Whether I do or not, whether it’s soon or can be very sure that

It will.  

It always does.

Be safe and let not one day go by without praying for those who are in positions to help-and are faithfully fighting to the tune of their well being and very lives.



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