A Reminder for the Duck Billed Celebrity Bimbo

You know her.

She’s all about that soft spoken and wide eyed clarity.

As she hoists her heft up in whatever chair she’s in for whatever camera is on her-because she’s so very special, so very famous and so, so very “enlightened”.

She gets blushingly “humble” if a compliment is dumped her way and raw fire indignant when someone DARES tell “her majesty” how very wrong she is.

Our duck-billed female celebrity. We have gaggles of them. You should know her.

The ones who are backstabbing my brothers in the back, slandering them as men and kicking my children as boys off the cliff, without a blink, smile or notice…

All to bask in the glory that her handlers have wrapped her “beautiful and impressive” head with, about some ridiculous clap trap about this age being some sort of “golden age for female rights”.

When it’s a mudslide straight into Hell.

With her having the raw ball audacity to pretend she has EVER grown up with ANY obstacles in her severely spoiled and American bred life. And that we haven’t been openly slandering and abusing our males for over fifty years.

If any one sees this ogle eyed, greedy and blind bitch…hand her something from the rest of us “lowly” Women.

The ones trying to stand up for and by our men and protect our boys. To the bitter ends, if need be.

Let her know that all this five and dime BS she’s tapping her worthless Louboutin over and hitching her wrinkled claw on her hip over…this “female superiority”?

WAS nothing and WILL BE nothing…but to keep her from breeding babies.Like an errant cow or sow on the farm that Massa just didn’t have the patience to stomach anymore.No more. No less.

From 1990’s Cairo United Nations conference

photo By Jérôme SALORT

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