Tilapia and Keurig. Stop. Now.

Within a single week, I came across two separate articles on two different items, during an ongoing and painful episode.

I won’t get into the queasy creepy details. I’ll simply post a warning against these two things and be done with it.

In a world where a World Health Organization actually DID give two rat’s humps over our health and lives

(as they are ripping apart our rights and ham fisting masks over our faces re: an imaginary virus)

…these sort of warnings would be front page and center to our attentions.

One wouldn’t have to hope to stumble across some old lady’s findings in order to save oneself from misery and dire consequences.

In this world, as it is, with these deceitful and foul criminals at the helm, it’s exactly what we have to do; maneuvering ourselves through this mine field that they’ve lovingly tended to for a hundred years.

The fact that black women’s hair products are insuring mass cases of cancer and early deaths…that’s one example which will easily prove (in some future time of returned sanity and responsible human leadership) their bold and open delinquency….

But there are many other “smaller” cases which are adding to the mix of this “genocide” that these cowards have remained hard over, waiting to finally see come true.

(Excerpt from a 1969 Bilderberg meeting presented in Bill Cooper’s 1991 “Behold a Pale Horse”)

Mind you. Be careful. Study what you need to. We have no “protective” units watching out for us anymore (if they ever did).

We only have one another and what remains of our common sense and logic. Use it.

Tilapia: I used to eat pounds of the stuff, which I now understand led to the chronic swelling shut of my lower intestines. Am healing now.


Kuerig. I’m so angry over not knowing this. It isn’t worth the space to write.

Ten years. 10-20 cups a day everyday.  Nuff said.

Just get rid of it. Period.

Mysterious mood swings, weight gain, etc? Ditch it and take things from there.

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