Critical Diligence

No, not every so-called Black American buys this incendiary garbage.

And no, not every so-called White American is intimidated by this garbage.

But my God, the entire Media establishment is doing their evil and level best in pounding on the buttons which would set our entire place on they have been doing for as long as this country has been established.



Deliberately infesting every corner they can hide in, while tossing money at the woefully ignorant and obedient to take the falls for these horrendous crimes of instigation.

It is CRITICAL diligence with which we need to keep ourselves together, sane and strong. For they’ve taken enough of our hides..our children..and lives.

Speak out against the matter how small your voice is and no matter if you work for them yourselves..because I PROMISE you, they WILL repay you with nothing but the misery and back stabbing they’ve paid back decades of other misled loyalists.

ESPECIALLY when there hasn’t been an election where both sides haven’t served the same single United Nations agenda..on ANY matter or within ANY year.

In simpler terms, if you toss both party candidates into a bag and beat that bag with a stick…you will be thumping on the same mangy grinning beast each time. We don’t deserve to be tricked into ripping one another apart and treated like idiots when the SAME powers REMAIN in power.

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