Today’s History Lesson: “Autism Traits” in 1853

For today’s history lesson, let me direct your attentions to an original 1853 article re: the misbehaviors and the ‘oh -so -awful‘ traits of….what seems to be an attack on autistic?? men…wha…?

No, it’s Christian men.

For your convenience, I have magnified the reference to traits we “may” all be familiar with. Please pardon the degradation of print quality.

From a personal collection of original newspapers

For those of you interested in extra credit, I do believe an easy stroll through the history of the source

(The London Christian Observer) and all parties involved,

will provide you an even easier link to the modern culprits who are behind Today’s current hype, abuse, harassments and enslavement of today’s “affected” general.

As has been the case, under one farce or another..for two thousand years.

Class dismissed.

photo By LiliGraphie

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