Borat?? Bwahahahahahaha…

(irrelevant note: There is a one sentence spoiler re: the movie “Cool World” towards the end.)

The bad news is that there is a lot left and still to do.

The good news is that all of it will be easy to do.

No matter what condition they supposedly believe they are leaving and have left us in.

Believe nothing they say. NOTHING.

Not a gosh durn thing.

Not a beepity blip bit.

If one gets further along in his/her studies, it will (not should, not may nor could) be as clear as a bubble with a hole in it, just how crazy they truly are.

How crazy they have been.

Generational lead poisoning is indeed “something else”. It compares, in devastation, only to generational mercurial damage. But that’s a topic best left for another time.

Crazy. Yes.

I’ll bring up one example.

I asked ten people (different ages, residences and so on) if they were planning on seeing or have seen this “Borat” business they keep plastering on their mainline of Amazon Prime.

A movie being plastered on a banner that is so goofishly long that I believe the end of it is wrapped around a sapling behind my garage.

These are but a few of the responses…

“What?? No!!”

“Ahh man, get the (beep) out of here..I thought you knew me better than that”

“Hahahahahahaha!!!….(her video link blacked out because she may have hit her head on the camera as she bent over in laughter)” That was a “no”.

Another party comically shuddered and asked me if I lost my (cough cough) mind.

ONE person admitted watching and liking it. When I pressed him to express the degree to which he did, he obliged me with a shoulder shrug and uttered a “pff”.

He mumbled something about how a Japanimation flick and a bag of stale “Cheet-ohs” could have sufficed in its stead.

That’s only one example of their overall and permeating mentality-in the intense and exaggerated hustling of things which they need to make seem popular.

As destructive as their tradition of exaggerations is and has been, for ages…

As poisonous and humiliating as their lies have been…

The results of their misrepresentation and dishonesty have been around so long, (now lazily executed and enhanced to ‘nth’ degrees)..that one would have to be either vulnerably immature, a child or in a coma to miss them.

That banner? The fifty million star rating? One fat lie.

They know that the average individual is not going to waste precious time to clock actual stats.

 They know most of us (especially those who were introduced to “Borat” as underdeveloped teens and have since grown into adulthood) find that gooney garbage repulsive. And unacceptably stupid.

But they’re not in this to please anybody anyway. They are here to

1-insult us to our faces.

2-create a false impression of “everyone” around us as being part of the sort of immature and zero taste crowd ..which the average citizen would be depressed thinking comprised the majority of this country.

After one has studied their history against the current work they engage in, its simple as pie to detect.

Once detected, I guarantee that the majority of adults will be able to spot the “not” of their insane gaming.

It pops up like a massive field of mushrooms throughout their  international propaganda:

From the karate- chopping -tough -young- everywoman (rawr!!!) for the task of convincing of young women that they are males..

 to that slimy, insulting, robotic and humiliatingly constant depiction of “autistics” in general

(Yes,  “Sacred Deer” I’m spitting on you and all involved. Not the children.)

If one can envision a pack of deranged asylum patients breaking out to run a town.

Or the final scene of “Cool World” (aforementioned spoiler)

where the dark inklings go hooting and cackling across the world to bring the end of the world…

Yup. That’s them.




It’s etched into their doctrines, burned throughout their history, if not simply their DNA.

Anything you find disgusting, repulsive and “wow” dumb that has a wagonload of “likes”, nah. Don’t buy it.

It’s time we stopped listening to these withered tricks and regain more faith in one another.

Who has 24/7 access to the editing of the networks that they own? Who are the ones who have the abilities to text in (or snatch out) whatever scripts they choose? Who has 24/7 access to all of the reviews written within all of the publications they own or keep afloat by sponsoring with with head pats and buckets of cash?

The Universe blessed each of us with gorgeous’s critical that we start to use them to protect ourselves.

Do your own immediate survey. Do this often enough and you’ll soon find out that what I just relatively true.

Once you surprise yourself with discovering ONE exaggerated “fact”, Honey, like when you have a bag of potato chips in your will not be able to stop with just one.

Their job (aside from killing, poisoning and oh..general mayhem and being miserable) is to make the vulnerable and young believe that their world is different than what it is.

Their job is force us into losing faith in one another. The ugliest and longest running examples being the male vs female and black vs. white garbage.

Their job is to terrorize as many of us as is possible.

Their most recent examples are the lame assed race war baiting that they’ve been doing on all their networks.

With the most embarrassing example being that whole “Smollet” b&&@@t.

An infuriating example to be sure, but one that brought a bellyful of laughs to those of us who scoped out that they grabbed props from a 1920s race war trunk instead of a more legit and modern one.

They are EASILY detected. All one has to take great care in doing, is to shield the youngest and most vulnerable family members and friends from falling into their nasty gopher holes.

Sadly, they are making extreme fools out of those whom their forebears crippled, by putting them in positions of “fall guys and gals.”

That alone warrants public whippings..if it was indeed the 1200s they’re obviously trying to bring back.

That’s all right though.

 As a former “special ed” type child…who grew into an adult who (unwillingly. Heck, unknowingly) provided a few kicks to those who were trolls enough to repeatedly “get over” on me..

Experience borne from humiliation and unavoidable pain is a fine and brilliant fire that can forge the most amazing weapons of retaliation and longest lasting armor for defense.

We simply need to decide to help one another see exactly what we need to.

So that we may avoid these old, sour, hollow, lunatic and predictable  Cryptkeeper bitches.

Besides, they stamped their three toed signature on just about every ding dang thing in this world…😊’s not going to take a genius to figure out who and what to avoid like the plague..which they’re pretending is in effect.

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