A Future Apology Which the Adult Millennial “feminist” Must NEVER Accept.

Ramsy's Joint

photo ByArto

(NOTE: Having been raped, I understand there are some individuals who are sensitive to the topic.

I’m fortunate enough to not be reminded of that single act from so long ago nor do I feel a need to relive it needlessly. As with all hurtful matters, I’ve been blessed enough to grow past that point and concentrate on many more important things as a woman.

However, I understand there are others who aren’t that fortunate nor conditioned in that way.

For them, I issue a warning that rape is mentioned in this post. )


To believe that the act of rape is mostly due to “males and power”, would be to believe that thousands of battlefields, from across the millennia, were also littered with hundreds of thousands of molested as well as mutilated bodies.

One would have to envision that rabid warriors had the…

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