A Future Apology Which the “Feminist” Must NEVER Accept.

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(NOTE: Having been raped, I understand there are some individuals who are sensitive to the topic.

I’m fortunate enough to not be reminded of that single act from so long ago nor do I feel a need to relive it needlessly. As with all hurtful matters, I’ve been blessed enough to grow past that point and concentrate on many more important things as a woman.

However, I understand there are others who aren’t that fortunate nor conditioned in that way.

For them, I issue a warning that rape is mentioned in this post. )


To believe that the act of rape is mostly due to “males and power”, would be to believe that thousands of battlefields, from across the millennia, were also littered with hundreds of thousands of molested as well as mutilated bodies.

One would have to envision that rabid warriors had the frenzied state of mind ,during looting, to rape and defile their male opponents. One would have to come up with a “reasonable” excuse as to why they still had enough energy to rape the opposing team’s village of women nearby.

And unless I missed a memo of the most odd sort, the news would be chock full of reports of thousands of male CEOs, academic types and male leaders violently assaulting one another in the boardrooms each and every day.

This is not the case.

According to well acknowledged studies and statistics produced over the decades, the causes for rape are multiple.

Even (especially) from within CDC/United Nations sponsored reports, where one can see that the lack of females, the scarcity of them within a population , is one of the biggest drivers of this violence.

When you throw in a constant barrage of open (and encouraged) discrimination against males with intense disputes and hostilities stirred up between males and females..you have an atmosphere rife with violent promise.

The sort of atmosphere which contributed to the steeply increased instances of psycho sexual assaults against women that surged in the mid 70s-right after the population reduction program was adopted and the “female rights movement” (along with Media’s task of “demeaning men”) was kicked into high gear.

My purpose for writing this is because I feel obligated to present a plea to any young feminist who is adding her support and being manipulated into tolerating this mass social abuse against our males via a “women’s movement” which will, just like the 70s, create nothing but deepened hostilities and irreversible damages.

When they can hide behind the long gone remains of their mentors and somberly offer apologies which mean nothing. Do nothing. And most certainly can’t rewind the clock to undo the lives lost and lives ruined by the hundreds of millions.

Do not accept that apology.

Now, our chances for mating have been purposefully smothered. As it becomes more apparent that we are the prime target, as a formerly free Western mass population, forced to keep wearing the masks. Masks which are meant to greatly prevent the necessary biological triggers that figure into our attractions.

They have bragged of our plummeted birth rates, the “vanishing” male libido and still don’t have the humane decency  to admit that all of our fertility problems, manic mood disorders and too much more are of their doing..worse yet, they have blatantly made things worse.

There is no way this will be missed, for future study, amongst human beings whom I have to assume will be allowed to regain their logic…unless the very worst is actually true and they mean to leave no one left from us.

Don’t you dare..ever..with all good intentions soundly reserved..forgive them for this.

You may forgive individuals for the policies they were forced to enforce (per threats to life and livelihood) and you may even find the strength to forgive those who held malicious and personal hatreds against you.

Do NOT EVER forgive any institution and power structure which stood by to risk and/or cruelly encourage further violence against the women they apparently have had no intention of “helping or bettering” for the last eighty years of their sole control. That is, if those institutions and criminal structures still remain intact to distract another three hundred years of “modern” women into this god awful enslavement and insult.

Do not accept that apology..so that they may gleefully continue and elevate worsened related abuses. Which they WILL do, as they always have done.

Especially not when we can see that no amount of United Nations ya-ya has ever done any good for any group of desperate and terrorized women..anywhere on this Earth.

As the following “small” examples will prove; after this “ultimate protection for females” was passed..for nothing, apparently.

Well, except to usurp authority over the female body and pass laws which clearly spell out that we are their property and not human beings.

Why India’s Stringent New Laws Have Not Reduced Acid Attacks | NewsClick

Federal judge rejects ban on female genital mutilation – Catholic World Report

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