A Future Apology Which the Adult Millennial “feminist” Must NEVER Accept.

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(NOTE: Having been raped, I understand there are some individuals who are sensitive to the topic.

I’m fortunate enough to not be reminded of that single act from so long ago nor do I feel a need to relive it needlessly. As with all hurtful matters, I’ve been blessed enough to grow past that point and concentrate on many more important things as a woman.

However, I understand there are others who aren’t that fortunate nor conditioned in that way.

For them, I issue a warning that rape is mentioned in this post. )


To believe that the act of rape is mostly due to “males and power”, would be to believe that thousands of battlefields, from across the millennia, were also littered with hundreds of thousands of molested as well as mutilated bodies.

One would have to envision that rabid warriors had the frenzied state of mind ,during looting, to rape and defile their male opponents. One would have to come up with a “reasonable” excuse as to why they still had enough energy to rape the opposing team’s village of women nearby.

And unless I missed a memo of the most odd sort, the news would be chock full of reports of thousands of male CEOs, academic types and male leaders violently assaulting one another in the boardrooms each and every day.

This is not the case.

According to well acknowledged studies and statistics produced over the decades, the causes for rape are multiple. Even within United Nations sponsored reports one can see that the lack of females, the scarcity of them within a population is a big driver of this violence.

When you throw in a constant barrage of open (and encouraged) discrimination against males and the punishments for male “sex drive” (young and old), intense disputes and hostilities stirred up between males and females..you have a time bomb.

The sort of time bomb which I have no doubt contributed to the steeply increased instances of psycho sexual assaults against women that seemed to surge in the 70s-right after the population reduction program was adopted and the “female rights movement” (along with Media’s task of “demeaning men”) was kicked into high gear.

My purpose for writing this is because I feel obligated to present a plea to any young feminist who is adding her full support and being manipulated into this mass social abuse against our males via a “women’s movement” which will, just like the 70s, create nothing but deepened hostilities and irreversible damages.

(Nothing, except for a further satisfied appetite for our destruction from within the “Judeo-Christian” alliance of corporations, academic institutions and disabled reasoning of countless influential “leaders”)

It’s a strong plea for the future. For when the proteges, spawned and groomed by this institution of lying, murdering and tyrannically hearted monsters, offer another one of their “apologies” regarding a gross evil committed against mankind.

When they can hide behind the long gone remains of their mentors and somberly offer apologies which mean nothing. Do nothing. And most certainly can’t rewind the clock to undo the lives lost and lives ruined by the hundreds of millions.

Do not accept that apology.

We have been biochemically changed and damaged..for the sole sake of stopping our breeding and destroying our sexual lives and habits; which is being strategically replaced by the implementation of a heavy “pet parenting” culture and “straight” women ‘obliged’ to marry and maintain “healthy sex lives” with heavily effeminate males.

Our men have had their testosterone stripped, on top of whatever bio chemical poisons stripped a vast number of human beings of the capacity for empathy. With them forced to find companionship from an increased population of females who are suffering from manic diseases, exhibiting signs of violent male aggression and blindly cheerleading for a “cause” that is scorching our males with continual abuse…

Now, our chances for dating have been obliterated. With the masks to prevent the necessary biological triggers that figure into our attractions..they have murdered our chances. Young sarcastic editors are cheering for the elimination of bars, dance clubs or meeting in public and hailing the vehicle of social online dating as the only “sensible” alternative left..when it is as far from the truth as can be. Unless one is a child or too young to have grown into what was supposed to be their sexual drives, hungers and desires.

They have bragged of our plummeted birth rates, the “vanishing” male libido and still don’t have the humane decency  to admit that all of our fertility problems, manic mood disorders and too much more are of their doing..worse yet, they have blatantly made things worse.

By distressing frustrated males even more by plastering images of scantily clad female characters in their advertisements and films. A continual “c tease” with the purposeful exploitation of women..in a world where the man is beaten about the head for lifting his head to express a simple kindness. A hypocritical evil which a sounder population would never have allowed to be dispensed by the very tyrants who impose such inhumane “laws” of abuse.

There is no way this will be missed, for future study, amongst human beings whom I have to assume will be allowed to regain their logic…unless the very worst is actually true and they mean to leave no one left from us.

(Except for the traces of our features in the babies they clone from the millions of frozen eggs, embryos and sperm bank donations collected, stored and unclaimed from the past several decades.

Yes, that was pure sarcasm..for the term “Alpha” that they coined so happily , doesn’t mean a continuance..it means a new beginning)

One plea..and I will go about my day.

Though they are now sitting by , grinning and remaining silent through this horror, the year will come where their children or grand children will put on that face of humble seriousness to issue that apology. An apology to touch around the raw damages inflicted on us- in increased rapes, assaults, violence and all around misery of tearing our biologics apart, tearing families apart, forbidding and stopping us from mating.

If you remember a sidecar issue, remember how quickly (and without listening to a single one of you) they passed the legislation which made abortions illegal again.

Even in cases of rape. A horrific and stone aged law returned to the books of a once “free” (at least openly seen to be) nation.

Bare months before this so-called “outbreak”.

There is no reason in this universe to justify or explain why this law was reenacted.

Unless “someone” knew that “something” as nightmarish as increased rapes and assaults would be producing a “future work force” of unwanted babies.

They scurried to hide behind the heart wrenching issue of millions of Down Syndrome babies being terminated. If our average mind was still capable of logic and reasoning, we would note  that during ten solid years of this trend going on, worldwide, any one of the influential establishments could have brought this shameful “silent genocide” to an immediate halt.

One plea.

Don’t you dare..ever..with all good intentions soundly reserved..forgive them for this.

If you do indeed have the notion that you are a “rights championing feminist warrior” then it will behoove you to stand firm, at the time of this future insult to the remaining intelligence we’re left with, to demand their immediate dismissal and or to force them out of your lives altogether.

Because they will not stop going in this direction.

If you simper and nod quietly to “accept” that they did a “boo-boo” and gee whiz, it was so long ago anyway…You will be allowing a hell on earth to continue which will bring an unbearable cycle of continued and complete slavery.

Where one generation of females will be forced and legislated into having sex to readjust the population levels they desire, which will lead into another upending of common laws (a few generations later) to forbid and restrict whatever is left of our human natures…to worsened and more degrading degrees than what is being done now.

Do not accept that apology.

Close your eyes for now, if you must. Schedule that manicure you live for each month, laugh with your pals at lunch or enjoy the promotion you just received.

There are far too many of us who have become lost, have gained the bare bones of “respectability” through the generosity of our destroyers and too many of us too full of pride to accept that ANYone would possibly be “so mean” to THEM. Because nothing, per se, is happening to them within their own self centered cocoons.

That is, until their daughter is raped. Or beaten lifeless in a series of unreported and ignored violence that was directly pushed and allowed to progress..all for the sake and whim of those few who “need” to exterminate and control all aspects of a human being’s life-especially the ones who can birth babies, women.

All I ask, in actuality beg, of you…when you mature and see the truth of what happened and what was allowed to happen on such a grand scale (if you’re not still trapped in the perversions of this current and purposeful state of arrested development) …

I would first, plead with you to not drown in the guilt which many will be forced to confront. Just like a young woman  raped after being slipped a “date rape” drug…who is forced to bear the resulting child and marry the animal who will continue to abuse her for the rest of her life..there will always be enough mercy in this world, amongst the truly kind and sane, to not issue blame when the victim was given no choices.

If we are to continue on this dreadful course, without the protection nor care that our masculine fathers and lovers once offered without prompting, with deepest loyalties and sincere urgency..we are going to have to provide that strength, manufacture that strength, somehow, for ourselves in this up and rapidly coming prison of feminized and weakened souls.

Docilly accepting yet another meaningless “apology” (just to maintain our “pride” and hold onto the ragged “feminist promises” of a “new day” that hasn’t dawned  under a century of UN control) does nothing but confirm how weak we are and how weak we will remain for future endeavors, tricks and crimes openly committed against us.

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