Fed Up Still More

(Remainder of what I left our from last entry)


We’re fed up with
you (The CDC) pretending that you didn’t change our genders ….when we are all ballooning up and suffering the elimination of our sex lives due to hormones being FORCED on us along with other crimes committed against us in the passed eighty years under YOUR “care”.


EXCEPT to those whom you chemically lobotomized which is over a majority of this world.

We are fed up with you harassing us for “instigating feelings” from different groups…when you stir the race and gender issues boiling hot each day on ALL of your networks and studios.

Talking to us as if we CARE about what your lying mouth has to say.

You have NEVER dealt with ANY disease in this country.

And you know it.

Our health has plummetted in your care.

Another thing that we’re fed up with you wasting time to pretend dumb over.

We are fed up that you can’t just SHUT up, for once, right?

Do your thing…press your buttons…finish placing all your people into their positions at court…and shut the hell up.

You win.

It’s unnecessary for this STUPID and constant show of your heinous faces being plastered on the screens for your games.

We’re fed up that you are THAT freaking CHILDISH that you need to hold conferences just to look like flaming idiots…

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