One Beautiful Thing That Can Come Out of This Mess

Mercy killings need to be decriminalized.

And soon.

It would be a legal miracle for the human beings who are struggling to die with whatever little dignity the State allows..which is not much.

For those “in the know”.. those who are yawning over how “we deserve to be exterminated’ and keep raking in our dough from the movies they perform in. The movies which helped them introduce and implement generations of degradation throughout an entire society.

Those privileged folks.

Since they know that we’re “all going to die soon anyway”….

(although on much more gentle terms than Rhwanda or Bosnia.

Obviously, ours was meant to be a long running sort of  laughingtock’s death onstage),

….if they ever did wave that banner of “humane and humanitarian cause”..there couldn’t be a better time than Now to finally come to a conclusion on this human right’s issue of “mercy killings” and “assisted suicides”.

To at least bring hope and relief to those trapped on this Earth in inescapable pain. To let them go, with a blessing that they’ve needed for a long time-alongside  the millions of us who now have no choice.

It works. It fits. For a few, it may be the perfect curtain to duck behind for a little bit of potential future “CYA” action.

Unless too many of the hot shots get off on the notion of extra insult and pain for the masses.

In which case I guess it would be shrugs all around then, wouldn’t it?

Business as usual, then.

In the meantime..there exists no longer any reasons to maintain “mercy killings” or “assisted suicides” as crimes.

Especially in a country where alarm over our teenage suicides was answered with a glib murmur about seeing “what Media can do about the violence portrayed’ with another one of their famous “Aww shucky darn..we don’t give a damn’s. With the black box pills enjoying non-stop service on all the rails.

It’s One decent thing..that should have no trouble being settled once and for all. That’s all.

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