Man Oh Man…August Day Song

(Three “personas” (from within my imagination, of course) chimed in upon completion of this project.

1-The mature older artist who is thankful to have new skills to work on during this ride-to great music and beautiful sights.

2-The moron adolescent, who piped in with

“If THAT is the type of Massa we’re dealing with (who’s kind enough to demonstrate various methods of applying our own shackles)..well, “liberation” has been known to be a wee bit overblown.”

3-The female human being who’s had to suffer decades of United Nations automaton ideology mauling and destroying our sex lives by making us repulsive to one another, overly anxious and depressed, forced into morbid obesity, forced into being sterilized, incapable of understanding one another by pulling every dirty trick in the book (from forced neurological disabling, to eighty years of openly spiteful mockery in ALL of their American media)..

The female human being who’s being threatened by additional decades of living within this vile nightmare of these heinous creatures eradicate our breeding, disable the babies that are being born and fence in an entire country to be the butt of international “live” our lives in plantation servitude to the State, for the State..with emotional IQs eternally forced into and trapped below the level of an average pre pubescent child.

With NOTHING to look forward to but never-ending misery, newly born humans stripped clean of their creativity, logic and empathy; either harboring intense hate for women, unleashing foul abuses against vulnerable men or with our children turned against us before they’re snatched away..

While the whole thing is overseen by higher end “victims” who can’t see past the humungous bulge of their individual egos and the “confidence” that they’re “much too important” to be lied to for such a long time and on such a grand and global scale..

Well, she’s dangling at the end of a rope somewhere in the background.

However, she was heard to utter a melancholy sigh of delight after applying the final touches to the video).

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