Two Declarations Where Only One is Legitimate

This is a link to the United Nations’ “human rights” declaration that we’re now all being forced to live and die under as our “law’.

I’ve written something for my children, regarding the sick and perverted illegitimacy of its “backward speak”.

FactSheet2Rev.1en.pdf (

Article 3, the first cornerstone of the Declaration, proclaims the right to life, liberty and security of person -a

right essential to the enjoyment of all other rights. This article introduces articles 4 to 21, in which other civil

and political rights are set out, including: freedom from slavery and servitude; freedom from torture and

cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; the right to recognition everywhere as a person

before the law; the right to an effective judicial remedy; freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention or exile;

the right to a fair trial and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal; the right to be presumed

innocent until proved guilty; freedom from arbitrary interference with privacy, family, home or

correspondence; freedom of movement and residence; the right of asylum; the right to a nationality; the

right to marry and to found a family; the right to own property; freedom of thought, conscience and

religion; freedom of opinion and expression; the right to peaceful assembly and association; and the right to

take part in the government of one’s country and to equal access to public service in one’s country. nothing but a “law” written by a pack of god damned liars.

Understand that.

We have been forced to ingest hormones in this country. Our males have undergone physical changes and humiliations because of them.

Our children have been made worse due to influences of these hormones, shot to death in mass murders committed by those on “black box” meds and conditioned by the very worst and most degrading media “guidance” in this world.

Our young boys are put onto illegal “sex offender” lists before they have any true idea of what they will grow into or be as fully grown men.

We have been subject to a CDC that announces and brags of our sicknesses..without doing anything to ease nor stop them.

We have a clan of people who dominate the media, our banking systems and our medical community; an easy thing to do when the rest of the world is forced to be injected by hundreds of mercury preserved vaccines..and their children have been free to reject them and therefore their neurological functions are “superior” to those who have been biologically raped by these criminals.

There are even death threats that state the crimes currently being done to us need to be carried out for our “genocide and enslavement” …and we’re harassed and bullied for “hate speech’. Although small school children have been questioned by CIA and FBI officers for the “presumed” threat in the language of their innocent school projects.

Our armies have been turned against us, to subdue us and to use force against us.

We have laws passed in monarchial order, hundreds of pages thick , which our politicians laugh about not reading..because they are following century old mandates placed down by the United Nations.

You may say what you will, but there is NOTHING right nor lawful about the United Nations and what they have done.

People who are intelliegent, unaffected by mental diseases nor chemical dependency..are being ignored.

We KNOW how we are being assaulted and we can SEE it in every single hour of every single day.

With nothing but more rambling “legal speak” and outward crimes being committed.

For all the jive they speak of “rights” for the disabled….they know our mental functioning has been torn asunder to abysmal depths and take advantage of that fact just like the abysmal rapists they truly have been and always will be.

It’s one thing to puff up your chests and click along the halls with your high polished shoes, to pretend you’re honest and authorized to lay down the laws upon populations that “misbehave”..treating us as if each of us is brain dead and retarded beyond functional standards.

But my God, what a filthy pack of vermin you truly, truly have to be to work as you work..with things getting worse..KNOWING that you have a severe advantage over human beings that you crippled and kept crippled, under all of the smoke screens and elaborate playacting from over eighty years of pranks and one crime committed after another…without answering legitimate questions and forging ahead to do exactly what you want to do…and ignoring us altogether.

NONE of that is true, about the “sanctity” of our rights.

NONE of it.

And shame on those who clown around in their soft spoken absurdity to tell these obvious lies..when everyone is suffering from what they’ve done and everyone can see them.

Written in the year 2020..when we were being targeted and radiated to death..with our posts and cries for help regarding radiation poisoning are censored and eliminated.

Written in the year of 2020 where crazed female politicians and doctors are allowed to make decisions under the outraged “sense of female empowerment” when they willingly admit and seek medicines to tend to their “severe mental afflictions”.

Written in the year I have to witness the public abusing of and humiliation of males just because of a population reducing program which no one is admitting and breaking the links to..because it is in effect and it’s the truth.

Written in the year I have to watch my neighbors live in states of fear, with babies born disabled and a CDC killing our small businesses, imprisoning us in our homes, making sure that dating and mating is killed off….under the charge of sickening and smirking “authorities” whose lives remain unchanged..and have shown not a stitch of evidence for this lie of a “virus” to take ALL of the remaining rights that were left…after our first major attack in 2001.

Oh, they’ve been very smug about “getting away” with this. Sure.

But it’s along the same line as a nasty, drunk and overpowering old man who has chopped off the feet of children, to mock their inability to run any races.

A “man” who has taken control of all medical establishments to ensure we never get better, taken control of all justice systems to see that we never get access to the very laws which are in black and white now amd has taught generations of “academics” to not think on their own powers but to repeat and execute all commands given.

If we do see what’s going on, he simply scoffs and lies.

If we do fight back, he has the unchallenged authority to murder us and ruin our lives.

He doesn’t have to defend his position because he’s invented all the positions without need to prove himself and by punishing those who challenge him.

The United Nations has taken everything away..and are playing games to prove and show off that there’s not any one who can do anything about it.

Because he won’t allow it.Period.

You are not in the care of “responsible or caring” leadership.

You are in the clutches of animals and criminals.

And it flies in the face of basic organic survival to expect any human being to simply lay down and not try protecting their life.

1-It’s not your fault, my child, for being raped and forced to suffer a life of no choice or mercy from your rapist because of that rape. You were given no choices.

2-But You DO have a choice, if you can summon the courage to do so.

It was bound and promised on the creation of another document that is in effect…until they rip it officially out of your hands..forever.

It was created because we were being horribly mistreated..just as we are today.

Remember that.

The ONLY Declaration you are obliged to, for ALL of us.

Taken from “Black’s Law Dictionary”

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